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Coast Park

The Government of South Australia is committed to the development of a Coast Park from North Haven to Sellicks Beach. Coast Park provides an opportunity to develop a continuous public link in a park like setting along the metropolitan coastline, further enhancing public use and enjoyment of the coast.

A significant initiative that lies within the scope of Coast Park is the development of a continuous shared use recreational path along the metropolitan foreshore which will cater for the use and enjoyment of people walking, jogging, cycling, wheeling prams and wheelchairs etc. In addition to the path, the adjoining infrastructure and environment including landscaping, park furniture, traffic issues and artwork are incorporated as part of the project.

Please see Coast Park map below:

Coast Park - February 2016 (280 kb)

Final Section - path from Terminus Street, Grange to Third Avenue, Semaphore Park (excluding the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Park)

Update on the construction of the Coast Park shared use path from Terminus Street, Grange to Third Avenue, Semaphore Park (excluding the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Park which is currently under consideration by the Minister for Environment).

At the Council meeting on 26 April 2016, Council resolved:

  1. That the report be received and noted.
  2. That Council adopt Option 2 (beachfront pathway alignment) from Council Report 6.31 Appendix C of 23 February 2015 now updated to exclude the Military Road component (Appendix A).
  3. That detailed design is undertaken for Option 2 beachfront pathway alignment (Appendix A) in preparation for tender and construction commencing in 2016/17 and that further consideration be given to the following during the preparation of detailed designs:
    • Separation distances between the path and adjoining properties to maximise privacy while at the same time managing risk of storm damage to the path;
    • Landscape treatments between property boundaries and the path to include a combination of irrigated turf and indigenous coastal plants in consultation with adjoining property owners;
    • Minimising environmental impacts on sensitive dune vegetation (noting that the sections of path under the ownership or care control and management of the Council is primarily grass covered with some sections of dune planting);
    • Opportunities for the creation of nodes at key locations as identified in Appendix A.
  4. That Council note an application has been made to the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure for Open Space Grant funding of $2million in 2016/17 to be matched by Council to commence Stage 1 of the proposed works with the remainder of the works to be undertaken in17/18 subject to budget and grant funding considerations.

Council staff will now commence the preparation of detailed designs which will start with a survey of the Coast Park, and discussion with the Coast and River Murray Unit, Conservation and Land Management Branch, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources regarding the alignment of the path as far west of properties as possible while at the same time minimising the potential for storm damage to the path.

Council staff will also talk to adjoining property owners over the coming months to discuss landscape treatments between the property boundary and path for inclusion in the detailed designs.

We are currently working on a detailed project plan and will publish that soon.  In the meantime our broad works program over the next two months is as follows:

  • Meetings with Coast and River Murray Unit and advisors – Ongoing
  • Preliminary survey works – June-July 2016
  • Liaison with adjoining property owners – To be confirmed
  • Design detail and documentation –   To be confirmed

Council Meeting Minutes 26 April 2016

For further information on Coast Park, contact Alison by email or phone 8408 1306.

Coast Park path 

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