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Digital Hub

Digital Hub 1The Charles Sturt Digital Hub provides a central location for the community to engage in an interactive high-speed broadband experience with focus on digital literacy, health, education, business, teleworking and home entertainment/communication.

What is a Digital Hub?

Digital Hub 2A ‘Digital Hub’ is a community-based computer training and internet access point containing a number of internet ready computers.

Each Digital Hub will be run by staff that can explain and showcase the benefits of high-speed broadband and to provide training in basic online activities such as setting up an email accounts, conducting effective internet searches, connecting with family and even shopping online.

Digital Hub Activities & Programs

Digital Hub 4The Awareness Zone is open to the public during Library hours and contains various mini ‘zones’ demonstrating a variety of applications highlighting how high-speed broadband can provide business and community with additional opportunities.

eLearning Zone showcases a series of applications to support learning from home no matter what your age. Technologies such as WorldWideTelescope, GoToMeeting, Skype, YouTube University and Dynamic Learning Online all showcase the ways in which traditional learning can be replaced and/or enhanced with on-line technologies.

This Zone also showcases a 3D printer. The printer uses heated plastics to build shapes from 3 dimensional designs. From a learning perspective, students can prototype items, test theories and create jewellery all from their home PC.

Home Communication Zone has The Telstra T-Hub which combines the functionality of a smart home phone with the benefits of a tablet. From the T-Hub you can make calls with a simple touch, manage contacts, browse the Internet, manage your calendar and email and share digital content such as photos music and movies. You can even play Angry Birds! This technology makes sharing and communicating with family and friends easier and more engaging.

The Samsung Smart TV provides face to face communication via Skype on the home TV. Using the standard remote control, a Skype call can be made to any other Skype user with or without video. This technology brings face to face communication into the lounge room through the home TV and a simple remote.

Home Entertainment Zone showcases a series of technologies to entertain and engage at home no matter what your age. There is a high speed PC and Apple Mac for gaming and digital media, a Samsung Smart TV with the Telstra T-Box and an X-box Kinect, as well as a Microsoft Surface for a truly unique interactive technology experience.

Telehealth Zone showcases Healthbank which is a web based tool that enables health care professionals and their patients to securely share health information and conduct video calls from the comfort of their home or office. Everyone involved in the call can see the relevant medical information and face to face communication can be achieved without the need to travel. This technology makes accessing health care easier for everybody involved.

Tunstall MyClinic provides easy to use, patient driven vital signs management with clinically supported video calling. Patients can take their own vital signs with the details immediately available via the web to specialist clinical staff that review the results and, if any issues are identified, initiate a video call to discuss the patient’s health. This technology brings proactive, personally controlled healthcare into the home improving outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

One on one computing/iPad/internet – spend 45 minutes with one of our experienced trainers and learn about one of the following topics of your choice: Basic computing, intermediate computing, searching the internet, webmail (Gmail, Yahoo etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter, FlickR), online shopping (eBay, Gumtree) or how to use your iPad.

Group sessions – These sessions run for approximately 1.5 hours. We provide group sessions on Facebook, cyber safety, iPad, eBay, Gumtree, computer basics, intermediate computing and more.

Digital Hub Training Calendar

View the complete training schedule and book into a session:

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Further Information

Call the Charles Sturt Library on 08 8408 1333 or email, weekdays 9am-5pm.

Digital Hub Activities & Programs

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