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Development & Infrastructure

Henley Precinct

The Henley Precinct is a major coastal destination within the City of Charles Sturt having regional significance and has been identified as an area that will accommodate growth in alignment with the objectives of that 30-Year Plan. The Henley Precinct has a long established cultural significance with a number of state heritage and local heritage listed properties in the area.

The Henley Precinct has been established through a series of community engagement with the local residents and stakeholders. The Henley Precinct is defined as being bounded by River Torrens to the south, Cudmore Terrace to the East, the foreshore to the west and Grange Road to the North. The Precinct includes a number of important destinations including Henley Square, Community Facilities, beaches, restaurants and entertainment venues. The Precinct is also the focus of a number of significant Council driven capital projects including Coast Park, Henley Square re-development, Henley Transport and Parking Plan and Community Facilities Review. In addition there are also significant works being undertaken on privately owned sites including residential developments and commercial investments.

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