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Think Feet First

step, cycle, scoot to school

Think Feet First - cycle'Think Feet First' is the second campaign message for the OPAL program in the City of Charles Sturt.

Being active every day is important for everyone and is essential for children's health. One way for kids to be active everyday is to Think Feet First and step, cycle or scoot to school.

Why step, cycle or scoot to school?

  • It helps build strong muscles and bones
  • Improves children's concentration and helps learning
  • Creates healthier and safer places to live with less traffic and less pollution
  • Provides a great opportunity for you to share time with your kids
  • Gives kids time to spend with their friends
  • Helps kids to get to know their local neighbourhood
  • Helps kids learn about road safety
  • Reduces car congestion at the school gate
  • Reduces emissions from cars
  • Can help you save money on petrol, transport costs etc.

The following brochures can provide more information:

Think Feet First - Brochure (671 kb)      General information.

Think Feet First - Kids Brochure (847 kb)      Help your kids track their active travel.

Think Feet First - Action Sheet (609 kb)      Suggestions for how the community can get involved.

Part Way is OK - Try Park and Step today!

If you can’t step, cycle or scoot all the way to school, you could try Parking and Stepping instead!

What is Park and Step?

Park and Step encourages families that drive to school to ‘Think Feet First’ by parking their vehicle at least 5 minutes away from school and walking the rest of way.

Park and Step isn’t just for schools. You can Park and Step to and from many destinations in the community such as the local shops, the local park, or a friend or relatives house.

Why Park and Step?

There are lots of good reasons to Park and Step, some of which include:

  • Encouraging students and their families to be more active in their day. This is especially important for children because active children are healthier, happier and learn better too.
  • Creating a safer environment around the school at drop off and pick up times.
  • Helping children get to know their local neighbourhood better.

Want to know more about Think Feet First and Park and Step or get involved?

To find out more about the Park and Step or the Think Feet First message, or how you can get involved, contact the Charles Sturt OPAL team on 8408 1132 or email

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