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Outdoor Dining Permits

Cibo Henley 2 Eligibility

Businesses that have a ground floor establishment, which serves food, are eligible to apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit. Permits need to be renewed annually and are valid for the period 1 August to 31 July each year.

 Outdoor Dining Permit Application Process

Useful Information

Prospective Outdoor Dining Permit - Information Sheet (130 kb)

Outdoor Dining - Conditions of Permit (179 kb)

Outdoor Dining - Application for Permit (189 kb)


Please ring the Community Safety Permits Officer  on 08 8408 0111 if you have any questions.  

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Frequently Asked Questions



The associated costs for Outdoor Dining Permits are:

Once Off Fees
Application fee: $100
Application for amendment to existing permit: $100
Application for "transfer" of permit: $100

Annual Permit Fees
Permit Fee for Licensed Premises $46.00 per chair per annum or 242.00 per table and bench per annum
Permit Fee for Unlicensed Premises $21.00 per chair per annum $87.00 per table and bench per annum

Annual Permit Fees - Henley Square
Permit Fee for Licensed Premises - Henley Square $65.00 per chair per annum
Permit Fee for Unlicensed Premises ‐ Henley Square - $35.00 per chair per annum


Fees and Charges Register (571 kb)

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 Other Costs to Consider

When applying for a new Outdoor Dining Permit, there may be other costs associated including:

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 Do I need Development Approval?

In some instances outdoor dining or associated facilities may represent 'development', and in addition to the Outdoor Dining Permit, may require Development Approval. Items that require Development Approval are those defined as 'building work' in the Development Act 1993, including:

  • Fixed screens;
  • Safety devices;
  • Full height enclosures (eg plastic screens);
  • Permanent structures (eg shade structures and planter boxes);
  • Signage; and
  • Any outdoor Dining area associated with a State Heritage Place.

If Development Approval is required, the applicant will be notified of the need to apply for 'Development Approval' and be advised on the process and requirements. Additional fees and timelines apply.

Development Forms & Information Guides

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 Changes to the Public Realm

In some instances an outdoor dining applicant may want to propose changes to the public realm to accommodate or improve outdoor dining activity, such as widening of the footpath or relocation of existing public infrastructure. These types of changes are not generally supported as they may not be in line with Councils strategic approach to the design of public spaces. Where changes to the public realm are sought, this has to be clearly stated in the application for an Outdoor Dining Permit. Pre-application meetings with Council officers to discuss the proposal are recommended. Changes to the public realm will only be approved if carried out to Council standards. All costs associated with changes to the public realm by request of the applicant are to be borne by the applicant.

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 How to Apply for Alterations to an existing Outdoor Dining Permit

To apply for alterations, the applicant should submit a written statement outlining the proposed changes along with supporting information as required for outdoor dining items including:

  • specifications or photos of proposed items; and
  • plan outlining existing and proposed layout including any infrastructure.

An application fee applies for applications for alterations or amendments.

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 Liquor Licence

Applicants are required to advise Council if they are applying for a liquor licence. Alcohol can only be served and consumed in the area designated. Should the Outdoor Dining Permit lapse or be revoked, the Liquor Licensing Commission will be advised immediately. Further information about Liquor Licensing can be found online at:

Liquor Licensing

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 Energy Absorbing Bollards

Safety devices, such as Energy Absorbing Bollards may be required in some locations. Council will undertake an assessment of each outdoor dining permit area at the time of application to determine the need for safety devices.

In determining if Energy Absorbing Bollards are required, Council takes a risk assessment considering such points as:

  • traffic volumes
  • parking controls in the vicinity
  • location in respect of intersections
  • curves in the roadway
  • number of loss-of-control crashes in a close vicinity etc

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 Heritage Buildings

Outdoor Dining associated with Heritage Buildings may require a Development Approval. Please contact the Planning Department on 8408 1111 for information.

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 What Dates is the Permit Valid?

An Outdoor Dining Permit is valid for the period 1 August to 31 July each year and is renewed annually.

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 Public Risk Insurance

Permit holders must take out and keep current a public risk insurance policy noting specifically the interest of the Council as an insured party. The policy must insure for the amount of at least TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS ($20,000,000) and must cover injury, loss or damage to persons or property arising out of the activity carried out under this Permit or the granting of this Permit by the Council.

A Certificate of Currency for the policy must accompany the application or renewal of an Outdoor Dining Permit.

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 Further Information

Further information in relation to Outdoor Dining Permits may be obtained by contacting the Council on 8408 1111.

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