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St Clair Avenue

Project Update - December 2016

Renewal SA has now commissioned AECOM to prepare the detailed design for the extension of St Clair Avenue and AECOM have held initial meetings with Council Staff.

Following initial discussions with AECOM, Renewal SA believes that the delivery of the new road by 30 June 2017 may be achieved and will use their best endeavours to achieve it. 

In the interim no additional advice has been provided on the likely timing of the residential development of the land adjacent.

Project Update - July 2013

At its meeting held 8 October 2012, Council considered an update report to facilitate the delivery of the chosen road alignment (option 2) as a result of the community consultation.

A series of resolutions were made. A copy of the report can be viewed here

St Clair Avenue Update Report

The road is currently being designed and Renewal SA and DPTI being consulted. Following the final design being endorsed, the community land revocation process will commence.

Project Update - May 2012

The St Clair Avenue realignment community consultation period closed on the 23 December 2011. Over 470 public submissions were received providing Council with feedback regarding the four road options extending from the existing St Clair Avenue and Actil Avenue through to Woodville Road.

As part of an ongoing consultation process Council conducted further workshops with the stakeholders and those persons who indicated their interest in being part of the Community Reference Group. Two facilitated sessions were held on the 29th of February 2012 and the 22nd of March 2012.

A report was presented to Council on 14 May 2012 outlining the results of the community consultation and providing professional and technical advice regarding traffic matters, costings associated with each road option, significant trees and the future development of the open space area.

Council resolved the following

  1. That the report and the results of the community consultation process be received and noted.
  2. That Council endorse option 2 for the purposes of commencing formal negotiations with the relevant parties for the purposes of:
    a. Cost sharing and road construction design details;
    b. Brocas Avenue Agreement variation;
    c. Variation to the Joint Scheme Agreement;
    d. Ensuring there will be no net loss of open space as a consequence of the road construction on community land; and
    e. Obtaining DPTI approval for option 2.
  3. A further report be presented to Council outlining the amendments made to the above Agreements and the outcomes of the negotiations associated with part 2 of this motion and the proposed Community Land Revocation process.
  4. Council notify the participants of the community consultation process of Council's decision.

A report will be presented back to Council in the coming months with the final information necessary for an final decision to be made.

 Community Consultation on Road Options

A new road is required to allow alternative access for residents in the St Clair development. St Clair Avenue is the new road which will connect the St Clair development on the former Actil and Cheltenham Racecourse sites to Woodville Road. Council is keen to get community feedback on what the preferred alignment of the road is.


You may recall that on 14 December 2009 the former Council resolved to revoke the community land classification of part of St Clair Reserve in order to undertake a land swap with the State Government's Land Management Corporation (LMC). The land swap involved swapping a 4.7 hectare portion of St Clair Reserve, with a portion of land on the former Sheridan/Actil site.

Currently a new reserve is being constructed west of Actil Avenue on the former Actil site, whilst the former part of St Clair Reserve (including the St Clair Oval) is now owned by the LMC. The LMC propose to develop the land on which the St Clair Oval is located as a high density development (refer to options below).

St Clair Avenue

The LMC also propose to construct a new road to allow access for residents in the St Clair development on the former Actil and Cheltenham Racecourse sites, to Woodville Road. It is the responsibility of the LMC to construct this road; however, Council is keen to get community feedback on what the preferred alignment of the road could be.

 Four options have been developed which are shown below:

St Clair Ave - Information sheets on 4 options (843 kb)
Please note there is an error in option 4. It shows that there is no access to St Clair Recreation Centre. This is incorrect. An access road would be created from St Clair Avenue.

Who can I speak to?

Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Mader on 8408 1139 or at

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