Sustainable House Day


Sustainable House Day

Each year the average Australian household contributes 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere—enough to fill more than 700 black balloons every day while each household also draws an average of 73,000 buckets of water a year – enough for around 12 baths a day.  Do your bit to reduce this by getting involved with Sustainable House Day.

"Sustainable House Day celebrating 12 years of inspiring sustainable living"

Now in its 12th year, Sustainable House Day allows 150 houses all over the nation to open up their doors to the public.

Sunday 8 September
10am to 4pm
All over the nation

The houses will showcase environmentally sustainable design, innovative use of materials and homes that have invested in renewable energy, recycling and other sustainable living practices. For those who are unable to attend, information of the houses will be on the internet.

Sustainable House Day provides a unique opportunity for people to meet with homeowners who have “been there, done that” and are able to provide unbiased advice, ideas and inspiration via their own personal experience. Event Organiser Pia Vogrin says;

“There is nothing more valuable than the insight you get from touring a house and meeting with people who share their sustainable living journey".

Sustainable House Day