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Compact Fluorescent Light Globe Recycling for Householders

Through the Zero Waste SA BackLight Household Light Globe Recycling Program, Mitre 10 stores will take back used or unwanted light globes from householders (not commercial users) for recycling, free of charge.

Mitre 10 stores in our Council area are: 140 Trimmer Parade Seaton and 374 Grange Road Kidman Pk. Go to to find the nearest store.

Each Mitre 10 has recycling boxes located behind the checkout registers. Customers can bring in their old light globes and give them to staff.

Householders are advised not to place compact fluorescent globes or other fluorescent tubes in their kerbside recycling bin. These items need to be recycled with a specific process. The mercury powder contained in them is a significant contamination concern for the broader recycling industry.

Householders also have other options to dispose of old fluoro tubes and globes:
  • Visit the Zero Waste SA Hazardous Household Waste Depot at the corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek. It is open on the first Tuesday of every month from 9am - 12 noon. For further details contact Zero Waste SA on 8204 1947, or visit their website:
  • DeLights at 37 Anzac Highway has collection boxes. DeLights offers a 10% discount to customers off the cost of a new globe if they buy it at their store. DeLights take all compact fluorescent globes (curly ones and straight long ones) but don't take the large circular ones as they don't fit in the recycling machine. 

With each option the recovered aluminium and mercury will be used to make new light globes, the phosphor powder into fertiliser and the glass will be re-used into a variety of glass products.

The Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010 will ban fluorescent and other mercury containing lighting from landfill, from September 2012 in metropolitan Adelaide, and September 2013 for the rest of the State.

Commercial or Industrial Options

There are fee-for-service options available for commercial and industrial users to ensure their fluoro tubes and globes are diverted from landfill and recycled such as CMA Ecocycle, Lamp Recyclers, Chemsal, or CYL recycle.



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