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Charles Sturt Development Plan

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) may be prepared by the Minister or Council. As part of this process draft policies are available for public comment for at least two months and Council must consider all submissions made and report to the Minister on these submissions and its responses. The final draft must be approved by the Planning Minister before it can come into legal effect as part of the authorised Development Plan.

Strategic Directions Report - Development Plan Review 2014

The draft Strategic Directions Report (SDR) was endorsed by Council on 27 May 2013 and forwarded to the Minister for Planning for agreement. The Minister's delegate advised on 14 April 2014 that the investigations and five year Development Plan Amendment (DPA) program has been agreed. The final SDR can be viewed below.

Strategic Directions Report 2014 (5342 kb)

Council are well underway in the implementation of the five year policy program. A number of the studies and investigations have been completed or are significantly progressed. Statements of Intent to seek agreement from the Minister to begin a number of DPAs have been submitted. 

For more details contact Kym Wundersitz, Principal Economic and Strategic Planner on 8408 1179.

Local Heritage Study and Development Plan Amendment

A review of local heritage in the City has been undertaken. This will update the existing local heritage and contributory items in Council's Development Plan. Preparation of a Development Plan Amendment to implement the review has been commenced, the next stage will be public and agency consultation. For more details contact John Tagliaferri, Senior Policy Planner on 8408 1827.

Woodville Road and Environs Revitalisation Development Plan Amendment (DPA)
The Woodville Road and Environs Revitalisation DPA seeks to transform Woodville Road into a vibrant and functional main street. The DPA proposes to review the policies of the District Centre Zone and its immediate surrounds to guide the development in the context of the Woodville Village Master Plan. The next stage will be public and agency consultation. For more details contact John Tagliaferri, Senior Policy Planner on 8408 1827.
Residential Streetscape Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The Residential Streetscape Study was undertaken in 2013. The purpose of the Study was to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the Council area to identify and justify areas of residential 'streetscape' character. The Study findings will inform the DPA. The Statement of Intent for the DPA was forwarded to the Minister for Planning for agreement in November 2013. The Minister for Planning rejected the need for the DPA by letter dated 13 June 2014.

The Residential Streetscape Study can be viewed below:

Residential Streetscape Study (17960 kb)

For more details contact John Tagliaferri, Senior Policy Planner on 8408 1827.

Residential City Wide Policies Development Plan Amendment

Council has prepared the Residential City-Wide Policies Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to amend various residential development provisions in the Charles Sturt Development Plan.  The Residential City-Wide Policies DPA will be released for public consultation on 2 February 2017 until 31 March 2017.  The focus of the DPA is the Residential Zone and Policy Areas.  A number of policy changes are also proposed in the General Section, Table ChSt/1 – Conditions for Complying Development, Table ChSt/2 – Off Street Vehicle Parking Requirements, and a number of maps. 

There are some 142 amendments proposed to the Charles Sturt Council Development Plan including, but not limited to, updating Desired Character statements, changes to minimum site area requirements, refinement of fencing policies for the West Lakes area, refinement to the ‘Building Restriction Area’ provisions for coastal policy areas, and expansion of Policy Area 20 and refinement of the associated policies for this area.  A number of changes area also proposed to the Development Regulations 2008, including changes to Schedule 3 to reflect the proposed fencing policies within West Lakes, and exempting dwellings in the ‘Building Restriction Area’ from Schedule 4 – Complying development (Clause 2B – New Dwellings).

Further information and a copy of the DPA will be available on Council’s consultation website from 2 February 2017.  For more details please contact John Tagliaferri, Senior Policy Planner on (08) 8408 1827 or .

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