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Development & Infrastructure

Woodville Road Revitalisation

Tenancy and Activation Plan

Woodville Road Retail Survey

Woodville Village and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Woodville Village Master Plan

Tenancy and Activation Plan

A Tenancy and Activation Plan for Woodville Road was adopted by Council in June 2014. The focus of the Plan is to attract tenants to the vacant properties on Woodville road and to activate the Street including Council properties. The current vacancy rate on Woodville Road of 17% (2013) is high but also provides the opportunity to bring in new businesses.

The Tenancy and Activation Plan has examined what kind of shops and services can be attracted to Woodville Road to activate the road and secure new tenancies. See table 4 of the attached plan:

Woodville Road Tenancy and Activation Plan (1637 kb)

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Woodville Road Retail Survey

To assist with the revitalisation of Woodville Road and Environs a survey was undertaken with residents and workers in mid 2013.

Retail Survey results:

Woodville Road Retail Survey Report (706 kb)

Woodville Business Association

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Woodville Village concept pictureWoodville Village and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

In September 2010 Council endorsed the Woodville Village Master Plan and Implementation Strategy which provided the framework for the revitalisation of the Woodville District Centre. The Master Plan envisaged an area framed by a mixture of mostly medium to higher density housing, offices, shops, health and education facilities, with expansive green open parkland and at its heart a bustling train station, community plazas, civic facilities, cafes and shops.

Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Working from endorsed Woodville Village Masterplan, in September 2010 Council commenced a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to consider the recommendations contained within the Woodville Village Master Plan and to ensure the Development Plan policy provides flexibility and opportunity for the vision of the Masterplan to be realised.

A Statement of Intent was prepared and endorsed by Council in the resolution in September 2010, to facilitate the DPA process. Investigations have been undertaken to analyse the existing policy and determine elements to be amended to achieve the overall objectives and vision of the Woodville Village Master Plan.

The focus of the policy has been around the formulation of Desired Character Statements for the medical precinct and civic heart on Woodville Road. The Desired Character Statements are important policy setting development assessment instruments that assist the vision of the Woodville Road Master Plan be achieved. Specific investigation to inform the desired character statements and proposed principles and objectives within the Zone have focused on, among other matters, land use, height and scale, building envelopes, density, car parking and public notification categories.

A workshop was held with Council's Strategic Development Committee on 17 June 2013 (SD 17/06/13 Item 3.37) to consider the investigations to date and the draft policy moving forward. A Community Engagement Approach was considered and endorsed at this meeting.

Community Engagement

Stage 1 Consultation (Early investigations and Planning) - This involved preliminary discussions with the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, The Woodville Road Traders Group and commercial property owners. A workshop with the Strategic Development Committee was also held.

Stage 2 Consultation (Early consultation to draft policy and define parameters) - Property owners and occupiers adjacent to the existing District Centre Zone boundary were individually contacted and invited to contact Council's Senior Policy Planner to discuss concerns. This period ran from 1 to 19 July 2013.

Three separate workshops were also be held during July and August 2013 with residential stakeholders, local businesses and developers and investors.

Following consultation, Council's Strategic Development Committee considered a further report presenting the results of the community engagement to date. This report was considered on 18 November 2013 SD 18/11/13 Item 3.71

Additional community consultation was undertaken with the St Clair Precinct Community Reference Group in November 2013. A further workshop for local residents was held on 10 December 2013.

The outcomes of these workshops were presented to the Strategic Development Committee on 17 February 2014 SD 17/2/14 Item 3.5

The DPA is on hold pending further investigations into the design and function of Woodville Road.

For further information on the DPA, contact John Tagliaferri, Senior Policy Planner on 8408 1827 or

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Woodville Village Master Plan

The Woodville Village Master Plan will guide the future vision and development of Woodville Road and connecting areas. Council voted and endorsed the plans which were the result of significant and detailed consultations by Council.

The Master Plan, which incorporates the area between Torrens and Port Roads, seeks to revitalise Woodville Road with improved services and facilities for the community.

Woodville Village Master Plan (30266 kb)

Key features of the Master Plan

  • The future development of a community plaza at the Council car park site next to the Woodville railway station
  • Traffic provisions to minimise traffic and increase safety for residents through working with Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure to reduce vehicle speed along Woodville Road to 50km/hr to improve safety
  • Further investigation of one lane each direction along Woodville Road
  • Investigation to upgrade of St Clair Recreation Centre
  • Continued focus on flooding/ stormwater management and infrastructure
  • Efficient car parking solutions
  • Art and cultural opportunities
  • A conceptual framework for housing and open space adjacent to the Woodville Train Station
  • Green corridors of trees and open space visible from Woodville road and the retention of healthy trees of significance.
  • The development of the LMC land, which includes significant green public open space frontage on Woodville Road
  • Green corridors of trees and open space visible from the road and the retention of most healthy trees of significance
  • Housing and a public plaza adjacent to the Woodville Train station for the community

For more information about the Woodville Village Master Plan and to see the frequently asked question document:

Woodville Village Master Plan - FAQ (142 kb)

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