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Bowden redefines space and living, building a community where people can live without a car, yet stay connected in every way. Over the next decade, 3,500 residents will call this place home, availing themselves of the cafés, restaurants, shops, offices, parks and gardens at their doorstep.

Since Renewal SA acquired the 16.3-hectare site, Bowden has begun its transformation into a vibrant, inner-city destination blending history and culture with high-quality architecture and sustainable living.

The Bowden development is designed to be a safe, walkable neighbourhood a stone’s throw from the city. It provides energy-efficient apartments, affordable housing, and fosters a strong, diverse community. Its tree-lined streets dotted with fresh street art are designed for pedestrians and bikes, with green open spaces and parks plus easy access to public transport and other amenities. As work progresses, Bowden’s earthy and gritty character will be reflected through the use of unfinished and recycled materials.

An Exciting Future In The Near Future

Bowden already is being hailed as a “new generation development” that is leading the way in innovative, higher-density urban design for South Australia. Energy reduction measures are integral to the project’s success and all dwellings within Bowden must be designed to achieve a minimum 5-Star Green Star rating to ensure high levels of environmental efficiency and liveability.

Bowden will feature shared streets and open spaces integrated with the surrounding community while views to the west will make the most of the adjacent Park Lands and city lights. The site will incorporate a mixed-use retail and commercial centre close to existing rail and tram stations. Commercial office space and civic uses will be centrally located within the development. Key features to be developed include:

  • Town Square
  • Main Street
  • Pedestrian bridge over Park Terrace
  • Fresh food markets
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Retail space
  • New and upgraded green spaces, parks, reserves and pedestrian links

Complementing its attractive community setting, urban design and housing choice, another major feature of the Bowden development will be its clever use of technology to achieve environmental sustainability. Innovations include:

  • Building energy efficiency to deliver a 5-Star Green Star Design rating
  • Planned alternative energy sources for residential and mixed use projects
  • Alternative water sources and recycled water
  • Adaptive reuse of former industrial and heritage buildings
  • A focus on people walking to reduce on-site car parking.

For more information on the Bowden development, please contact their Information & Sales Centre on 1800 269 336 (1800 BOWDEN) or visit their website.

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