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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Water Proofing the West

Stage One Project 

The Water Proofing the West - Stage One, is the first component of a broader region wide system which will harvest, treat and store stormwater in specific locations, and then will distribute the recycled stormwater through to demand areas through parts of the City of Charles Sturt area.

The project has five key elements with the following components:

  1. Old Port Road; with wetlands and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (or ASR) which comprises a multi-objective stormwater scheme with water reuse, water quality improvement, environmental enhancements all whilst reducing flood risk.
  2. Cooke Reserve and West Lakes Golf Course; with wetlands and ASR components.
  3. St Clair wetlands; which will provide treated stormwater for ASR's and irrigation to the site's open space and urban development via a lilac pipe supply system.
  4. Linking & Distribution Mains; Linking the St Clair, Old Port Road and Cooke Reserve/West Lakes projects and  Distribution Mains to supply the recycled stormwater to parts of the council area.
  5. River Torrens Diversion System; to divert river water to supply additional water for harvesting to all the wetlands.

It is significant that the Old Port Road (as part of the Port Road Rejuvenation Project and associated Stormwater Management Plan) and St Clair wetlands have both water harvesting/reuse and flood mitigation components. This multi-objective stormwater initiative by the City of Charles Sturt has meant funding could be sought from both water reuse and flood mitigation State and Commonwealth agencies, and this has ultimately resulted in the project being funded by all three levels of Government.

WPW - Minister Photo

From left to right are:
Mayor Kirsten Alexander, City of Charles Sturt
Steve Georganas, MP
Stephen Mullighan, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier
Ian Hunter, MLC
Premier Jay Weatherill
Mark Butler, Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Environment, Heritage & Water

“The Labor Government has invested $20 million into this project to support the long-term sustainability of groundwater resources in Adelaide’s west and reduce the demand of water supplies from the River Murray.”

“This project will also improve the health of coastal waterways by capturing untreated stormwater which would otherwise drain into the sea, polluting the coastline.”

“I’m pleased to be part of a Government prepared to make such a significant investment toward water proofing the western suburbs, and I congratulate the City of Charles Sturt on the progress of the project, which is due for completion in October this year.”

Mark Butler, Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Environment, Heritage & Water

“Our community will be one of the most significant contributors to stormwater recycling in South Australia.

“We are acting to secure our water supply – and this project will help us diversify our water supply and reduce our reliance on the River Murray.

“The Water Proofing the West Project has received $7.35 million in State Government funding and I congratulate the City of Charles Sturt for its role in this important project.”

Premier Jay Weatherill

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Water Proofing the West - Latest News

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31 March 2014
A large number of Corellas have taken up residence along the median of Old Port Road.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Crossovers - Old Port Road

17 September 2013
Temporary access to all vehicle crossovers has been given
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