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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

What's happening in St Clair and Woodville!

Woodville Station Ministerial Development Plan Amendment

The Woodville Station Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was on public consultation from 22 November 2012 to 14 February 2013 and public submissions were heard at a public meeting 5 March 2013.

This DPA is intended to support a mix of medium to high-rise housing and complementary land-uses in a landscaped setting on land adjacent to the Woodville Railway Station. The land is currently owned by Renewal SA.

An Overview of the Project can be viewed on the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure web site Woodville Station Ministerial DPA Link

The Woodville Station Ministerial Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was approved by the Minister for Planning and Gazetted on 8 November 2013.

Councils Strategic Development Committee considered a report on 18 November 2013 which outlines and summarises the final changes incorporated into the Charles Sturt Development Plan

SD 18/11/13 item 3.76

St Clair Land Swap

On Monday 14 December 2009 Council decided to go ahead with the St Clair Reserve Community Land Revocation to allow for a land swap to occur.

Open space that is owned by Council is identified and protected under the Local Government Act by a 'Community Land' status. When this status is removed (revoked) from part of the land at St Clair Reserve then the land will be 'swapped' for an equal amount of adjoining land located on the former Sheridan factory site. This land will be used as public open space and will have a 'community land' status placed on it. This will mean that it will be protected from future development.

The total area of the St Clair Reserve is 10.5 hectares. The land swap would be for a portion of St Clair (4.7 hectares) and will be swapped for an equal amount of land (also 4.7 hectares) on the former Actil factory site, which means there is no net loss of community land.

The positive outcomes for residents of the City of Charles Sturt will include:

  • The 'land swap' will create a green link of open space and playing fields all the way from Woodville Road to Cheltenham Parade. In total, there will be more than 28 hectares of open space between Woodville Road and Cheltenham Parade, for residents of Cheltenham, Woodville, Pennington and the wider Charles Sturt Community to use and enjoy - that's the size of 14 AAMI stadiums!
  • New sporting and recreation areas with $2.5m of improvements will be created. Brand new change rooms and playing fields will be built, with playgrounds and picnic areas provided;
  • Developing a future transit oriented mixed use development (TOD) which will contribute significantly to the revitalisation of Woodville Road, creating a destination for visitors and residents and providing an environment for improved public transport;
  • The 'land swap' will connect St Clair Reserve to the 6 hectares of Cheltenham wetlands for storm water harvesting, with storm water reused throughout the development and will keep reserves and parks green all year round;
  • The 'land swap' will ensure that Brocas Avenue is closed as a no through road to ensure the safety of Woodville High School students;
  • There will be no net loss of community land.

The plan below shows the land that will be swapped:

St Clair Land Swap

Community Consultation

Council undertook a thorough community consultation process to understand community concerns and issues with the proposed land swap. The results of the consultation were considered by Council on 26 October 2009 and deputations from the community were heard.

The results of the consultation are summarised in the report below:

St Clair Reserve Community Land Revocation - Community Engagement Summary (158 kb) 

Consultation Report - St Clair Reserve Community Land Revocation (11101 kb) 

The following document (which was provided in Council minutes 9 November 2009) summarises the issues raised by the community during the consultation for the St Clair Reserve Community Land Revocation. It provides a response to each issue and the action that Council will take to deal with that issue.

Response to community concerns - St Clair Reserve Community Land Revocation (332 kb)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't the Actil site contaminated?

Some of the site was contaminated, but it has been cleaned up (remediated) and is now safe to use.

The remediation process has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is South Australia's primary environmental regulator, responsible for the protection of air and water quality and the control of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

Any contaminated soil on the site has been extracted and buried in three contained areas on the site. One of these areas is within the proposed St Clair land swap area - see the map below.

St Clair

There is approximately 6600m2 (0.66 hectares) of contaminated soil that has been buried in a four metre deep pit and covered with one metre of clean fill. The contaminated soil is not the type to leach or have vapour and there will be no risk to the surrounding area or users of the land. This meets the National Environmental Protection Measures (NEMP) standards for residential use and use for open space.

The Environment, Resources and Development Court was also satisfied that the remediation program implemented on the Sheridan/Actil site would make the land fit for residential development. That is the highest level of remediation.

The remaining 4.04 hectares of the Sheridan/Actil land swap area contains no contaminated soil.

Audit Statement

The Audit Statement is available for you to read by downloading the files below, or by reading a hard copy available at the Council Civic Offices, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville.

EPA Audit Statement (2839 kb)
Attachment - Groundwater Management Plan (5808 kb)
Attachment - Site Environmental Management Plan (3993 kb)
Attachment - Soil Management Plan (7270 kb)

What will happen to the significant trees on the St Clair Reserve?

Significant trees on the current St Clair Reserve hold special value to the residents of Charles Sturt. The majority of trees will be maintained, and Council has written commitment of this from the Land Management Corporation (LMC), who will manage the development of the site.

There are 23 trees significant trees on the land to be swapped. Sixteen of these are healthy and the other seven are in declining health and/or poor structure. LMC will work with Council and the community on a master plan for the site that will retain as many trees as possible.

In addition, the Joint Venture developer have indicated that they will plant more than 2,000 street trees and many more in the 17 hectare open space area throughout the former racecourse, former Sheridan/Actil factory site and surrounds, which will add significantly to the green amenity of the area.

Will the new St Clair Reserve be like the current one?

St Clair Reserve provides the City of Charles Sturt residents and visitors with sporting facilities (cricket oval and soccer pitch, and change rooms) as well as a beautiful picnic spot with large shady trees, playgrounds and public toilets.

The new St Clair Reserve on the former Actil site will include a cricket oval and soccer pitches, upgraded lighting, new and improved change rooms and public toilets. There will also be room for additional playing fields to cater for our growing community.

Playgrounds, BBQ/picnic areas, new trees and landscaping will all be a part of this open space too, making sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Will the new St Clair Reserve be harder for me to get to?

Even at the furthest point, the new reserve will only be 400 metres further away for residents coming from the south of the site. With 28 hectares of open space across this whole site, this will be a great community asset with plenty of open space for everyone to enjoy. Plus there will still be a significant amount of open space directly accessible from Woodville Road.

What is a Transit Oriented Development (TOD)?

The population of Adelaide and its suburbs is growing quickly. The State Government has made a decision that our suburbs should stop growing further and further away from the CBD. This is because it costs a lot to extend public transport, roads, power and gas the further it gets from the city. It is also important that everyone has a good quality of life and doesn't travel long distances to go to work or study and to access other services like healthcare.

The plan is for more new homes and jobs to be provided closer to the city. Transit Oriented Developments - TODs - are a key way of doing this. The important part of a TOD is that people who live there are within 400m of fast, reliable, frequent and safe public transport. Studies have shown that if people live further away from a public transport stop, they are much less likely to use it.

Most of our suburbs won't change and will still have traditional homes on large blocks. But this way of life is appealing to many people - those who don't want a big house or garden to maintain, who want to reduce their use of cars, and enjoy vibrant living close to cafes, shops and offices.

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 Upcoming Projects

Woodville Village (TOD) Master Plan

There are a series of projects and initiatives happening in the St Clair/Woodville precinct, see the diagram below:

St Clair-Woodville Initiatives

The St Clair Community Land Revocation was completed at the end of 2009, allowing the land swap to proceed.

The next stage of community engagement is on the St Clair and Cheltenham Open Space. We will soon be seeking community input on the look and feel of the 28 hectares of open space at Cheltenham and Woodville. Details to come shortly.

Following this, Council and the Land Management Corporation (LMC) will start an extensive community engagement process for the Woodville Village Master Plan. This will combine the remainder of a Woodville Road Revitalisation Study that Council has started. These two projects combined will involve the community in creating a vision for all of Woodville Road, including the new development adjacent the railway station. More details to come shortly.

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