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Community Fruit & Vege Swaps

Cut food miles, reduce waste, save money, add variety to your diet, encourage sustainable living ... and get to know your neighbours!

Vege Swap GroupIn January 2008, local residents in the Charles Sturt council area initiated a local "Community Fruit & Vege Swap" which brings together neighbours to share the abundance of their gardens as well as their ideas, knowledge, skills and good company.

View a video on how community fruit & vege swaps work:

Community Fruit & Vege Swap - West Croydon, Adelaide

Some key features

  • genuinely "grassroots" - initiated & run by local residents
  • no money changes hands
  • no strings attached - no registration or membership - just come along when you wish
  • based on the principle of sharing, rather than selling, bartering or trading
  • everyone welcome - whether or not you have produce to swap

Come along & swap

  • fruits & vegetables
  • herbs
  • flowers
  • plants, cuttings, seeds and seedlings
  • home baking and preserves

Start your own!

If you like the idea of a local 'fruit & vege swap', why not start one in your area? There are many benefits for you, your community and the environment. This very simple model is easy and quick to set up - it practically runs itself! Interested?

Start Your Own Community Fruit & Veg Swap eBook

  • Attend a free Workshop and hear about how others have made this simple idea work. Mentorship will be available to workshop participants who decide to start their own Swap within the Charles Sturt council area.
  • Come along to one of the local swaps and see it in action!

To register your interest for a workshop in your area or to get personalised help and support to start your own swap contact Julietta on 0435 530 839 or Josh (at City of Charles Sturt) on 8408 1379.

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