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Rainwater Tanks

Install water tanksCharles Sturt is living green.

Are you thinking about getting a rainwater tank? Please read our information brochure below:

Rainwater Tanks (1120 kb)

Do I need Council approval?

No assessment or approval is required if the tank:

  • is part of a roof drainage system; AND
  • the tank has a total floor area not exceeding 10 m2 in area; AND
  • the tank is wholly above ground; AND
  • no part of the tank is higher than 4 metres above the natural surface of the ground.

Exceptions where approval is required:

  • State heritrage places or areas;
  • Local heritage places.

Building a new home or extending?

You may be required to include a rainwater tank with your development.

Sustainability Guide - Energy Efficient Home Building (2186 kb)
Stormwater Management Plan (200 kb)

Water tanks have been installed at all of our Community Centres. Take the Eco Trail at Youth Central, on Woodville Road, to view a great range of rainwater tanks and take away some information to help you select the right tank for your backyard.

Eco Trail - Rainwater Tanks  (138 kb)


Australian Federal Government Rebates

On 10 May 2011 the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities announced that it will no longer be providing rebates for rainwater tanks or greywater systems under the National Rainwater and Greywater Initiative.

Rainwater tanks or greywater systems purchased after 10 May 2011 will not be eligible for an Australian Government rebate.

Householders may still apply for a rebate for rainwater tanks or greywater systems that were purchased on or before 10 May 2011. However all applications must be received by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities by 10 November 2011.

Applications will not be accepted after this time. 

SA Water Rebates

Rainwater Tank Rebate

Collect water and up to $200.

You can apply for up to $200 for a new stand alone rainwater tank with a capacity of 1000 litres or more which is not connected to household plumbing.

Terms and conditions for the stand alone rainwater tank

  • The tank must be purchased on or after 11 March 2010 (as evidenced on the receipt)
  • The receipt of purchase must be an original
  • The tank must have a minimum capacity of 1000 litres
  • Only one stand alone tank rebate is available per property
  • There is no requirement for the rainwater tank to be connected to household plumbing

Full terms and conditions (including purchase date eligibility) are available on the application form (in PDF format):

Rainwater Tank Rebate Application

For further information phone the Water Rebates Hotline on 1800 130 952.

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