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Development & Infrastructure

Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path

The Grange Lakes Corridor Shared Use Path project involves the construction of a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists between the lake in West Lakes and the River Torrens outfall channel.

The project aligns paths through open space areas next to the Grange Lakes drainage channel, along the creek next to Kirkcaldy Reserve, through linear reserves near Cudmore Terrace and next to the Henley & Grange Memorial Oval before winding its way through local streets to the River Torrens.

This corridor is specifically mentioned in several of our strategic documents, including the Open Space Strategy, the Strategy for Walking & Cycling and the Corporate Plan

The shared paths are 2.5 metres wide, providing a safe all-weather an accessible off-road route for a variety of users including bicycle riders, young school children, parents with prams and the mobility impaired. The path project will include public lighting, safety barrier fencing (where required) and new crossings over streets.  The upgraded path improves recreational linear connections along this already well-utilised route.

Stage 1 and 2
Between Trimmer Parade and Grange Railway line, were completed in 2014/15.
Concept Plan - Stages 1 and 2

Stage 3
Between Grange Railway Line and Jetty Street, were completed in 2015/16.

Concept Plan - Stage 3

Stage 4A
Consultation on a new 2.5 metre wide reinforced concrete path, fencing and public lighting in the section alongside Napier Drive has been completed and detailed design is in progress, with construction planned in early 2020.

Concept Plan - Stage 4

Stage 4B
Design of a 2.5 metre wide reinforced concrete path, boardwalks and public lighting in the seciton between Napier Drive and Jetty Street (alongside The Grange - the former home of Captain Charles Sturt) is in progress in 2019/20.

Stage 5
Construction works through Kirkcaldy Park (between Beach Street and Grange Road) were completed in 2016/17. These works involved replacement of the existing 1.2 metre wide path with a 2.5 metre wide reinforced concrete path, construction of new fencing and installation of new LED public lighting. 

Concept Plan - Stage 5