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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Current Projects

Annual Operating and Capital Projects

Capital Projects are major projects that are set each financial year to renew, upgrade or install new infrastructure throughout the Council area.

Capital Projects for the year area are outlined in council's Annual Business Plan and Budget document.

To view a full description of Capital and Operating projects please click on the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2015/16 below to see what Council is spending this financial year.

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2015-2016 (1814 kb)

Current Engineering Projects

Review of Military Road Traffic Safety Improvements Trial

17 June 2015
We have reviewed the effectiveness of the speed cushions on Military Road, Henley Beach and the results of the consultation are available to view.

Welland Plaza Streetscape Improvements

22 November 2013
The construction of Welland Plaza, including Way Tce, Welland Ave and Brand Ave has commenced and will be completed by December 2014.

Henley Beach Road - Mainstreet Project

7 February 2014
Council are undertaking a streetscape upgrade along Henley Beach Road between William Street and the Esplanade.

Traffic Safety Improvements - Birch Street, Woodville South/Findon

28 January 2015
We recently consulted on traffic safety in Birch Street and can now report the consultation outcomes.

Henley Square Precinct 40km/h Speed Limit

5 March 2014
Slowing down for safety at Henley Beach!

Traffic Safety Improvements - Vivian Street, Henley Beach

18 June 2014
We are proposing to install a new median island with pedestrian refuge across Vivian Street as well as new ramps across North Street in Henley Beach.

Traffic Safety Improvements - Crown Terrace, Royal Park

12 June 2014
We are seeking feedback on a proposal to install pavement bars in Crown Terrace at the Royal Terrace intersection and the Crown Terrace bend.

Traffic Safety Improvements - Wright Street, Henley Beach

30 April 2014
Community Engagement Summary for proposed Traffic Safety Improvements - Wright Street, Henley Beach

HMAS Australia Road - Road Reconstruction and Traffic Safety Improvements

29 November 2013
The reconstruction of HMAS Australia Road and intersection changes has commenced and will be completed by December 2014.

Grange Lakes Channel - Shared Use Path

2 May 2014
The City of Charles Sturt is installing a shared use path along the Grange Lakes Channel in Grange. Construction has now commenced.
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