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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Current Projects

Annual Operating and Capital Projects

Capital Projects are major projects that are set each financial year to renew, upgrade or install new infrastructure throughout the Council area.

Capital Projects for the year area are outlined in council's Annual Business Plan and Budget document.

To view a full description of Capital and Operating projects please click on the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2016/17 below to see what Council is spending this financial year.

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2016/17 (1476kb)

Current Engineering Projects

New Pedestrian Crossing Seaview Road Henley Beach South

2 August 2016
A new pedestrian crossing facility is planned for the intersection of Seaview Road and Lexington Road in Henley Beach South.

Lower Speed Limits in Charles Sturt

28 June 2016
Council is committed to delivering on the State Governments commitment to reduce crashes by 30%, and we want our community to stop accepting crashes on our local roads as being inevitable and help us in making our local streets safer. To achieve this, Council is working towards lower speed limits on our local roads to make them safer places for our residents and visitors.

City Wide 40km/h Speed Limits on Local Streets

2 August 2016
In Charles Sturt approximately 500 people were killed or seriously injured on local streets between 2010 and 2015, costing the community an estimated $47.93M, almost $10M per year. The City of Charles Sturt is committed to the State Governments objective to reduce crashes by 30% by 2020, with lower vehicle speeds identified as the quickest and most effective way to reduce road trauma in South Australia.

Road Safety Improvements - Charles Sturt Avenue Grange

23 June 2016
This project has developed due to local resident desire to improve road safety, amenity and parking along Charles Sturt Avenue. Charles Sturt Avenue is being used by drivers to avoid congestion and delays on Military Road.

40km/h Speed Limit in Suburbs around the South Road Expressway (Torrens to Torrens) Project

12 July 2016
South Road is being upgraded with a lowered non-stop expressway with two new Arterial Roads at ground level. The road is being constructed for the forecast traffic growth and during construction may cause some drivers to choose local streets as an alternative to avoid some of the major intersections (such as at Torrens Road, Port Road and Grange Road.)

Industrial Areas Freight Management Plan

12 July 2016
The City of Charles Sturt recently released it Transport Plan 2016-2031 which provides a decision making framework for transport choices and management in the coming years. One of the actions is to develop a develop a long term strategy to manage and improve freight efficiency to help to grow our local economy by better connecting our Council with national and international markets.

Belmore Terrace Woodville Park Driveway Entry Renewal and Outer Harbour Greenway

12 July 2016
The City of Charles Sturt has been installing road safety devices since early 1970s. One of the early installations was along Belmore Terrace. The driveway entries are located at 3 intersections along Belmore Terrace, including the intersections of Hughes Street North, Park Street North and Dale Street. Over the years their condition has reduced and many have broken kerb, poor landscaping and uneven roadway.

Road Reconstruction – Jamaica Avenue, Fulham Gardens

24 May 2016
The project will include replacing all of the kerb and gutter with new concrete, construction of stormwater pipes before removing the old pavement. The pavement construction will consist of two layers of 165mm rubble base. We will then seal the surface with 40mm thick asphalt. Other work involves minor path renewal, verge reinstatement

New Paths in Fort Street Henley Beach and Toogood Avenue Beverley

12 July 2016
The Council receives requests for new paths each year and these are recorded for consideration by the Council when annual budgets are set. Council sets aside about $100,000 for the construction of new paths.

Fairford Terrace Pedestrian Crossing Replacement

1 July 2016
The ‘Koala’ crossing in Fairford Terrace next to Teal Grove provides a safe crossing place for students of the Westport Primary School and their parents to cross Fairford Terrace.

Repairs to Footbridges over the lake at West Lakes

23 June 2016
The council owns many bridges which are used for road traffic, cycling or walking. They cross creeks and rivers, or run along the banks of these waterways. These bridges require periodic maintenance (this occurs every 5, 10, 20, 30 years) and frequent minor maintenance. The work in this project is major maintenance.

Marlborough Street, Henley Beach Stormwater Improvements

23 June 2016
The Council has Asset Management Plans for many of its assets which are used to identify when they should be replaced (i.e. as they get old, or can no longer provide the agreed service level).

River Torrens Linear Park – Cycling and Walking Path Black Spot Improvement

20 June 2016
The Linear Park along the River Torrens is an important regional recreational and tourism facility. Council is responsible for much of the length between the Adelaide Parklands and the sea (Gulf St Vincent).
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