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Community Arts Projects

Charles Sturt is a unique City with a strong sense of place.  Residents value the character and diversity of the area, its stories and history and the way these are reflected in the ‘look and feel’ of the City.

Community Art is one way for local people to connect up and build a strong local identity. Art projects and programs encourage maximum participation. Locals and visitors get to meet one another and spend time in a creative activity. It's fun!

A showcase of local community art projects:

Bowden intersection repair 2011

The City of Charles Sturt supported community group Hindmarsh Greening to coordinate an "Intersection Repair" on the corner of Fifth Street and Drayton Street, Bowden. Intersection Repair is the community led conversion of an urban street intersection into a space signalling community presence and involvement. The aim is to calm traffic and build community and neighbourhood connections, and brighten and change the road space so it becomes a "place". Artist Helen Crawford worked with students from Immaculate Heart of Mary School to develop the design and the students were involved with the painting day on Sunday 29 May 2011, along with local residents. See the videos below:

Intersection Road Repair - Documentary

Intersection Road Repair - Timelaspe

DPTI (Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure) Living Neighbourhoods Project Bowden 2015

Living Neighbourhoods assists communities that want to benefit from improved road safety on their local streets by offering a range tools and information for the community to turn their ideas into action. These ideas could be quite specific, for example encouraging more people to enjoy their local spaces or developing safer places for children to play or they might want to address a specific concern, like respect between different road users and residents. Key outcomes of Living Neighbourhoods will include increasing active travel, reduction in car use, reduction in vehicle travel speeds in local streets and enhanced perception of liveability and neighbourhood safety.

Project Objectives:

Following on from the Bowden Intersection repair Project In 2011, the community art project painted on the road had faded and the community wished to redo the artwork and create further placemaking artworks within the area. Although no formal evaluation of traffic conditions was undertaken, residents who were involved with the initial project did mention that drivers did stop and even ask if it was ok to drive over the work after it was completed because it was so vibrant.

This second project (2015) is a Living Neighbourhoods funded project, supporting local communities that want to benefit from improved road safety on their local streets.

The project links to the City of Charles Sturt Community Plan 2013 -2027:

Create a safe, healthy and supportive community which encourages participation, creativity and diversity.

  • Residents feel safe, healthy and connected to their community through access to appropriate and relevant services, activities and facilities.

Project Outcomes:

  • An integrated community artwork design that sees slower vehicle speeds along Drayton Street, Bowden.
  • Street rejuvenation that instils a sense of ‘place’ with community members taking ownership of the project and their street.
  • Partnerships created with school, young people and community members.
  • Skills developed with young people around the arts.
  • Strengthening of relationships between all stakeholders and community recognition of an integrated innovative design approach to achieving reduced vehicle speeds.
  • A community that is empowered to make a change using the living neighbourhoods resource.

Drayton Street Road Painting Video

Brompton Primary School Placemaking Project 2014

The City of Charles Sturt had the task of trying to address flying dust problems from a long patch of verge dirt adjacent Torrens Road and the Brompton Primary School. Rather than simply applying a long stretch of paving or concrete, Council staff and Elected Member Paul Alexandridis got together and brainstormed a way forward that was both creative and gave ownership to the students and staff of Brompton Primary School.

Through working with the year 5 students a theme of artworks was discussed that best reflected the school, the values and the local community.

Themes were:

  • Harmony
  • The Sun (school Logo)
  • Sports house colours
  • Sport – including football and soccer
  • Children playing
  • Diverse cultures

Council’s Community Project Officer facilitated workshops with the students where they created drawings of their themes and these were drawn up to scale and stencilled onto the newly laid footpath.

The results were amazing, and the project expanded into stobie pole art and a large scale landscaping make over to complete the community art.

The final result is a long term legacy of the Brompton Primary School Year 5 students values and creations, for all the community to enjoy.

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