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Hard Waste

Your Hard Waste

More choice, greater flexibility.

We know how much you love your hard waste service.

Council is looking at ways to make it even better, giving you more choice and greater flexibility in how you use the service.

We are considering some improvements to the service, but haven’t made a decision yet.

We are considering three possible options, and want you to tell us what you think.

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Council provides an annual collection of hard waste. Collection takes place ward by ward from mid October to early December. Flyers will be mailed directly to homes in the weeks
just prior to a collection with dates for your area.

Items for collection to be place out on the verge on the Saturday or Sunday prior to your collection week. Fines may be issued for waste placed on the footpath earlier than this date.

Neatly stack your waste as close to the kerb as possible. A limit of 2 cubic metres of waste per household applies.

Collection dates for 2015 are as follows:

Semaphore Park ward - 5-9 October 2015

Grange ward - 12-16 October 2015

Henley ward - 19-23 October 2015

Woodville ward - 26-30 October 2015

West Woodville ward - 2-6 November 2015

Findon ward - 9-13 November 2015

Hindmarsh ward - 16-20 November 2015

Beverley ward - 23-27 November 2015

A map of the Council wards is available here:
Council Ward

Keep your hard waste safe and tidy

It is your responsibility to ensure that the hard waste outside your property is placed and maintained safely until collected - even if it is moved by other people.

Put your waste out the weekend before it is due for collection - no sooner
Leave plenty of room on the footpath for people to walk past
Don't leave anything sharp or hazardous on the footpath
Remove all doors from fridges and freezers
Don't stack your waste too high
Lie taller items down (e.g. wardrobes)

For more information

Call our Waste Hotline on 8295 5077.

Hard Waste - large

What CAN I put out for hard waste collection?
  • rightFridges and freezers with doors removed;
  • Furniture and bedding;
  • Metal items (including sheets of corrugated iron up to 2m in length);
  • Carpet;
  • Tree prunings (tied in bundles up to 30cm in diameter);
  • Kitchenware - pottery and crockery;
  • Timber (max 2m long);
  • Washing machines, dryers, stoves;
  • Tools and equipment;
  • Lawn mowers empty of petrol and oil;
  • Empty paint tins (with lids removed).
What CAN'T I put out for hard waste collection?
  • wrongNo items heavier than 50kg;
  • No items longer than 2 metres;
  • No items that can't be lifted by two people;
  • No liquid waste, chemicals or hazardous waste;
  • No concrete;
  • No asbestos;
  • No car bodies or parts, including engines, body panels, tyres and batteries;
  • No bricks, rocks or dirt;
  • No tree stumps;
  • No items in plastic bags, including domestic garbage;
  • No gas bottles;
  • No cement sheeting, fibro or plasterboard;
  • No paint cans or oil containers with any residual liquids in them;
  • No large ceramic items;
  • No business waste.
Do you need help moving your hard waste to the footpath?

Elderly residents, or people with a permanent disability, may be eligible for free assistance. Requests should be made to Council at least a week prior to your collection date.

Contact Council on 8408 1111 to check your eligibility and make a request.

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