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Performing & Visual Arts

Kaleidoscope ExhibitionArts and culture reflects, shapes and challenges our personal and community identities. The City of Charles Sturt supports a wide range of ideas, activities, projects, programs, festivals, exhibitions and events that are part of the cultural fabric of our area. We have many opportunities for people to engage with and participate in creative endeavour to encourage positive ways of living together in our local neighbourhoods and across the west.

Held annually during South Australia’s winter, SALA is the largest open access visual arts festival in the world. This year’s SALA Festival will run 1 – 24 August - its mission is to celebrate and promote the diverse talents of South Australian living artists. Last year 4,917 artists’ exhibited in 502 venues of which 17 venue registrations were within our city.

To see SALA exhibitions happening within the City of Charles Sturt, check out our guide:

SALA Guide for the City of Charles Sturt

South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) Festival

Special Opportunity Arts Grants for Individuals

The purpose of establishing this subsidy program is to provide up to $250 within a financial year to support eligible individuals resident in the City of Charles Sturt who are practicing and/or emerging artists or talented amateurs, to take advantage of unique opportunities that may significantly benefit their work and/or career development and as a consequence provide ongoing promotion and support for the arts in the City of Charles Sturt community.

  • Funding Available:  All year round

 For further information please contact Community Project Officer 8408 1173.

Special Opportunity Arts Grants for Individuals - Application Form with Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines (165 kb)

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