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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

View Applications on Public Notification

The information provided here gives the details currently on public notification for development applications within the City of Charles Sturt. The information is provided to help inform the public about these specific applications during the notification period.

Please note that pursuant to section 38(17) of the Development Act 1993, if the application involves a Category 2 notification and you were not entitled to receive notice of the application in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008 you cannot make a representation in relation to the application.

Copyright symbolPlans, specifications, other technical drawings or content provided as part of this information may be protected by Copyright laws and should not be reproduced.

Should you require a copy of the application details and plans you must provide Council with your name, address and contact details pursuant to 34(3) of the Development Regulations 2008. An email with this request can be sent to and a prompt response to this request will be provided.


pdf 252/1082/16 - Collins Reserve Walter Street Kidman Park(2792 kb)
Erection of one new 17.8 metre high light tower and replacement of lights on an existing light tower on the northern boundary of the site

pdf 252/1249/16 - 53, 53A and 55 Lavinia Street Athol Park(1835 kb)
Alterations and additions to existing light industry and to use the existing building as office warehouse in association with the existing business.

pdf 252/1429/16 – 372 Findon Road Kidman Park(437 kb)
Change of land use from light industry to mechanical repair workshop

pdf 252/1474/16 - 5 Ocean Avenue West Beach(641 kb)
Variation to previous development application 252/0343/16 (addition of habitable room to roof deck) - Residential flat building comprising a three storey dwelling including roof top deck and under croft garaging (dwelling1 ) and two storey dwelling (dwelling 2)

pdf 252/1580/16 – 21-31 Sheffield Street Woodville North(5574 kb)
Proposed crematorium to be located within an existing building in association with the approved cemetery

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