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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

View Applications on Public Notification

The information provided here gives the details currently on public notification for development applications within the City of Charles Sturt. The information is provided to help inform the public about these specific applications during the notification period.

Please note that pursuant to section 38(17) of the Development Act 1993, if the application involves a Category 2 notification and you were not entitled to receive notice of the application in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008 you cannot make a representation in relation to the application.

Copyright symbolPlans, specifications, other technical drawings or content provided as part of this information may be protected by Copyright laws and should not be reproduced.

Should you require a copy of the application details and plans you must provide Council with your name, address and contact details pursuant to 34(3) of the Development Regulations 2008. An email with this request can be sent to and a prompt response to this request will be provided.


pdf 252/0872/15 - 6 Crampton Court West Lakes(1868 kb)
Single storey dwelling (Lot 6) and two storey dwelling (Lot 6A)

pdf 252/1297/15 – 2 Charles Sturt Avenue Grange(1037 kb)
Change of use from residential to consulting rooms including alterations and additions to existing building, carparking and associated landscaping and signage

pdf 252/1302/15 - 7 Maude Street Allenby Gardens(700 kb)
To erect a verandah 2.7 metres in height at the rear of the existing garage adjacent the northern boundary for a length of 18.3 metres

pdf 252/1303/15 - 9 Fiji Place West Lakes(3129 kb)
Verandah (4.0m x 13.5m x 2.4m high) located on the eastern (side) boundary

pdf 252/1316/15 - 3 Esk Street Woodville South(1109 kb)
Two storey dwelling (dwelling 1) Lot 101

pdf 252/1317/15 - 3 Esk Street Woodville South(1118 kb)
Two storey dwelling (dwelling 2) Lot 102

pdf 252/1318/15 - 3 Esk Street Woodville South(1091 kb)
Two storey dwelling (dwelling 3) Lot 103

pdf 252/1341/15 - 94 Day Terrace West Croydon(2439 kb)
Carport measuring 6.5m x 8.4m x 2.7m in height located forward of the dwelling located 0.9 metres from the Duncan Road frontage and on the north eastern (rear) boundary.

pdf 252/1343/15 - 5 17 Valma Avenue Fulham Gardens(1406 kb)
Verandah 10.2m x 2.9m x 2.4m high located to rear of existing dwelling on the northern (side) boundary

pdf 252/1393/15 - 84 Windsor Avenue Woodville Park(380 kb)
To erect a carport 3.2 metres in height at the rear of the existing garage adjacent the eastern boundary for a length of 12.6 metres

pdf 252/1400/15 - 16 Davis Street Woodville South(1224 kb)
Garage to rear of existing dwelling (6.9m x 12.3m x 2.7m high) located on the eastern (rear) boundary and on the Davis Street frontage

pdf 252/1409/15 - 2/17 Zephyr Grove SEMAPHORE PARK(4048 kb)
Carport forward of dwelling 5.8m long, 5 metres wide and 2.4 metres high setback 200mm from the front property boundary

pdf 252/1462/15 – 329 Military Road Semaphore Park(2395 kb)
Single storey detached dwelling & retaining walls with fencing on northern & southern elevations to max height of 3.6 metres in height

pdf 252/1474/15 - 8 Newporter Terrace West Lakes Shore(1888 kb)
Swimming pool and 2.4 metre high safety fence forward of existing dwelling

pdf 252/2089/14 - 15-17 West Street Hindmarsh(5388 kb)
Construct three-storey residential flat building containing 18 dwellings with covered at grade car park.

pdf 252/2515/14 - 136 Seaview Road Henley Beach South(1679 kb)
To erect a two storey residential flat building comprising two dwellings with undercroft carparking and swimming pools with retaining walls (varied height) located on the southern and eastern boundaries with a 1.8 metre high fence above (total height 3.1 metres).

pdf 252/2962/14 - Unit 6/72-78 Bacon Street Hindmarsh(2462 kb)
Change of use from warehouse to fitness studio.

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