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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

View Applications on Public Notification

The information provided here gives the details currently on public notification for development applications within the City of Charles Sturt. The information is provided to help inform the public about these specific applications during the notification period.

Please note that pursuant to section 38(17) of the Development Act 1993, if the application involves a Category 2 notification and you were not entitled to receive notice of the application in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008 you cannot make a representation in relation to the application.

Copyright symbolPlans, specifications, other technical drawings or content provided as part of this information may be protected by Copyright laws and should not be reproduced.

Should you require a copy of the application details and plans you must provide Council with your name, address and contact details pursuant to 34(3) of the Development Regulations 2008. An email with this request can be sent to and a prompt response to this request will be provided.


pdf 252/1370/16 - 2 Borthwick Street Henley Beach(1088 kb)
Two, two storey dwellings - staged application (Stage 1 - dwelling 1 and Stage 2 - dwelling 2)

pdf 252/1506/16 – 167-169 William Street Beverley(1091 kb)
Variation to 252/1298/13 – To enable the premises to handle waste from recycled timber floorboards, stone and metal scrap in association with the existing waste (brick) recycling depot and to undertake improvements to the site including perimeter fencing, pavement of entire site with second hand bricks, setback of pallets from boundaries to 1 metre and reduction in height of pallets and planting of trees along the boundaries of the site including hessian screens - to add the handling of waste from asbestos (non-complying)

pdf 252/1856/16 – 152 Frederick Street Welland(1800 kb)
Change in use from warehouse to general industry – precious metal recycling plant

pdf 252/2050/16 – 679 Port Road Woodville Park(906 kb)
Change of use from printing workshop and office to a community centre

pdf 252/2097/16 – 12 Phillips Street Henley Beach South(4029 kb)
Two, two storey dwellings

pdf 252/2126/16 – 29 Hobart Road Henley Beach South(699 kb)
Two, two storey dwellings

pdf 252/2163/16 – 41-47 Glenroy Street Athol Park(1296 kb)
Change of land use from warehouse to doggy day care and training with associated shop, offices and signage

pdf 252/2226/16 – 526A Grange Road Fulham Gardens(1424 kb)
Extension to existing mobile telecommunications facility

pdf 252/2285/16 – 699-707 Port Road Woodville Park(1054 kb)
Wall mounted LED advertising sign located on the western side of the existing building

pdf 252/2293/16 – 12 Yorkshire Street Grange(709 kb)
Two storey dwelling at the rear of the existing dwelling with frontage to Finalyson Street

pdf 252/2321/16 – 29A and 27B Adam Street Hindmarsh(649 kb)
To change the use of unit 2 to boxing gym

pdf 252/2380/16 – 460-470 Torrens Road Kilkenny(1394 kb)
A temporary entertainment venue (Zirka circus) and associated structures for the period 17 October – 29 October 2016 (located on the corner of First Avenue and Gray Street, Kilkenny)

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