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Major Projects

Major Projects - content

Bowden Village - VisualisationCouncil is constantly involved with major projects to help develop and improve the City of Charles Sturt.

Some of these projects are run entirely by Council and some are in collaboration with other government or private entities.

This page has been developed to keep you informed of what we are involved in and what fantastic projects we are bringing to the City of Charles Sturt.

We hope that you visit the major project pages regularly as they will be continually updated to reflect the different stages of the projects.

These are our latest Major Projects:


Coast Park
Henley Square Redevelopment
Sir William Goodman Bridge (previously Holland Street Bridge) 
St Clair and Woodville
St Clair Avenue
Water Proofing the West Project
Woodville Village
The Square at Woodville West

The South Australian Government currently have some major projects that are happening in the City of Charles Sturt, you can view them here:

External Projects

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