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The City of Charles Sturt receives funding from various sources including direct charging (i.e. rates), State, and Federal Government sources. In expending these funds, Council is required to adopt an ethical, transparent approach which balances the principles of equity and transparency.

For major purchases of Goods/Services/Works, Council may engage in a Tender Process, in which tenders are advertised on the SA Tenders website. This website is the central source for public procurement activities in South Australia, and provides easy-to-use internet access, with a facility to download tender documents, and lodge electronic tender submissions.

Tenders on SA Tenders & Contracts

Welcome to the South Australian Tenders & Contracts website. The site provides easy-to-use access to all publicly available bidding opportunities within the South Australian Government. Electronic submissions can be made using the Electronic Lodgement Service. You can also view the details of all South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services and works.

  • CCS040388 Port Road Drainage Project Stage 2

    Port Road Drainage works from the intersection of Old Port and Port Roads to Park Street South

  • CCS040426 Public Lighting Electrical Works Panel

    Council is looking to establish a "Public Lighting Electrical Works Panel". Contractors for the provision of Electrical Services to install public lighting and maintain lighting owned by the council.

    Council undertake new/renewal  installation and maintenance of public lighting mainly on Council owned property such as parks and reserves, but include work on SAPN, CLER and energy only tariff street lighting each year.

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