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All Policies

To view these files you will need to have a copy of the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

pdf Ageing in Charles Sturt Policy(105 kb)

pdf Annual Budget Policy(116 kb)

pdf Asset Accounting Policy(234 kb)

pdf Asset Fund Policy(102 kb)

pdf Asset Management Policy(181 kb)

pdf Audit and Controls Policy(111 kb)

pdf Banking Accounts and Services Policy(102 kb)

pdf Banners Website and Promotions Policy(125 kb)

pdf Borrowings Policy(105 kb)

pdf Breast Feeding Policy(101 kb)

pdf Building Inspection Policy(169 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(425 kb)

pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons Policy(119 kb)

pdf Civic Awards and Civic Events Policy(203 kb)

pdf Commonwealth Home Support and State Home and Community Care Program Fees Policy(166 kb)

pdf Community Care Consumer Rights Policy(111 kb)

pdf Community Emergency Management Policy(204 kb)

pdf Community Gardens Policy(131 kb)

pdf Contaminated Site Policy(200 kb)

pdf Council Member Access to Information Policy(158 kb)

pdf Council Member Electronic Communications Policy(161 kb)

pdf Council Member Legal Advice Policy(137 kb)

pdf Council Member Records Management Policy(185 kb)

pdf Council Members Allowances and Support Policy(150 kb)

pdf Council Members Code of Conduct Policy(308 kb)

pdf Council Members Training and Development Policy(273 kb)

pdf Council Members Use of Unauthorised Hardware and Software Policy(108 kb)

pdf Council Policy Framework(115 kb)

pdf Credit Cards Policy(103 kb)

pdf Customer Experience Policy(199 kb)

pdf DAP Complaint Handling Policy(522 kb)

pdf Debt Collection Policy(104 kb)

pdf Development Act 1993 Delegations Policy(192 kb)

pdf Discretionary Ward Allowance Policy(207 kb)

pdf Disposal of Asset Policy(113 kb)

pdf Dog and Cat Management Policy(366 kb)

pdf Election Signs Policy(176 kb)

pdf Enforcement Policy(142 kb)

pdf Environmental Sustainability Policy(116 kb)

pdf Expiation Notice Review Policy(118 kb)

pdf External Grants Funding Policy(114 kb)

pdf Flag Pole Usage Policy(135 kb)

pdf Fringe Benefits Tax Policy(103 kb)

pdf Gambling Awareness Policy(109 kb)

pdf Goods and Services Tax Policy(144 kb)

pdf Graffiti Policy(110 kb)

pdf Hardship Policy for Residential Recycled Water Customers(164 kb)

pdf Healthy Food and Drink Choices Policy(164 kb)

pdf Historical Fire Engine Display Policy(105 kb)

pdf Horses on the Foreshore Policy(192 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(200 kb)

pdf Insurance Policy(103 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decision Policy(522 kb)

pdf Investment Policy(114 kb)

pdf Long Term Financial Plan Policy(109 kb)

pdf Media and Communications Policy(133 kb)

pdf Memorials Policy(141 kb)

pdf Mobile Device Policy(137 kb)

pdf Obligations of Non-Council Committee Members(102 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(215 kb)

pdf Outdoor Dining Policy(106 kb)

pdf Parking Controls Policy(114 kb)

pdf Path Policy(108 kb)

pdf Petty Cash Policy(101 kb)

pdf Plant Equipment and Fleet Management Policy(116 kb)

pdf Play Space Policy(138 kb)

pdf Privacy Policy(144 kb)

pdf Privately Funded Development Plan Amendments Policy(186 kb)

pdf Procurement Policy(279 kb)

pdf Prudential Review Policy(153 kb)

pdf Public Art Policy(235 kb)

pdf Public Consultation Policy(362 kb)

pdf Public Environment - Smoke Free Policy(108 kb)

pdf Rate Rebate Policy(182 kb)

pdf Rating Policy(244 kb)

pdf Recognition of Service Policy Council Members, Freeman, Freedom and Keys to the City(173 kb)

pdf Reserve Naming Policy(110 kb)

pdf Residential Waste and Recycling Policy(157 kb)

pdf Restricted Assets Policy(100 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(109 kb)

pdf Road Naming and Premises Numbering Policy(167 kb)

pdf Sale of Land Due to Non Payment of Rates Policy(99 kb)

pdf Sister City Relationship Policy(154 kb)

pdf Social Inclusion Policy(109 kb)

pdf Sporting and Community Club Loan Guarantees Policy(112 kb)

pdf Sporting and Community Clubs Fees Policy(310 kb)

pdf Staff Code of Conduct Policy(259 kb)

pdf Statutory Financial Reporting Policy(169 kb)

pdf Street Traders Policy(233 kb)

pdf Telecommunications and Electricity Infrastructure on Council Land Policy(109 kb)

pdf Tree and Streetscape Policy(201 kb)

pdf Under 18's Sports Program Policy(105 kb)

pdf Unreasonable Requests for Service, Information and Complaints Policy(470 kb)

pdf Use of Council Land for Fireworks Policy(101 kb)

pdf Use of Hindmarsh Cemetery Policy(158 kb)

pdf Use of Public Reserves for Commercial Fitness Activities Policy(169 kb)

pdf Vehicle Tow Away Policy(101 kb)

pdf Volunteer Code of Conduct Policy(246 kb)

pdf Volunteer Policy(132 kb)

pdf Whistleblowers Policy(179 kb)

pdf Youth Policy(135 kb)

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