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Environmental Plan

Living Green to 2020 – Draft for consultation

Living Green to 2020 - Draft for consultation (826 kb)

Living Green to 2020 - Draft for consultation ‘Living Green to 2020’ is the City of Charles Sturt’s new draft environmental plan. It takes the place of our previous plan, ‘Towards One Planet Living: 2008-2013’.

It describes how Council will approach environmental issues for the coming 6 years, in partnership with our community.

This draft plan is the result of a four step community engagement process, and has been put together based on community, staff and stakeholder input. It is being circulated for community input.

Your feedback is very important and will help us to ensure the plan meets the needs of our community and stakeholders, before it is finalised and adopted by Council.

Have your say on the draft plan by 5pm, Tuesday 29 July 2014, in any of the following ways:

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