Environmental Plan

Towards One Planet Living If everyone in the world lived as we do, we would need four planets to live on. We need to learn how to live well within the resources that the earth provides.

'Towards One Planet Living: Greening the Western Suburbs' is now finishing up. It was a 5 year plan that set out what Council intended to do to reduce our ecological footprint. The plan lists a range of strategies and actions under four key themes: climate change, water, biodiversity and waste.

'Towards One Planet Living: Greening the Western Suburbs' was developed with input from over 30 external organisations and community feedback from a series of public workshops held in early 2009.

'Towards One Planet Living: Greening the Western Suburbs' was formally endorsed by Council in June 2009. Download your copy of the final plan here:

Towards One Planet Living - Greening the Western Suburbs 2008-2013 (997 kb)


Towards One Planet Living created an ambitious plan guiding Council to 2013. Council has had some great achievements in meeting the expectations set in the plan, with an overview of achievements available here:

Environmental Achievements 2008-2013 (634 kb)

Where to from here?

Council is now developing the next plan to continue to drive directions in environmental management. The Living Green: Environmental Plan 2014 – 2020 is under development with input from the community.  Check out www.yoursaycharlessturt.com.au for information on its progress.