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Climate Change

Charles Sturt is sun smartGreenhouse gases can remain active in the atmosphere for up to 100 years or more.

For this reason, advice from the Bureau of Meteorology and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is that we are already 'committed' to a certain amount of warming. This warming is due to the gases that we have already released into the atmosphere.

What happens in the longer term depends on the choices we make now.

The IPCC’s recently released a summary of its Fifth Assessment report (AR5). This information indicates that the climate is changing more rapidly than models previously predicted, particularly in South-Eastern Australia.

The City of Charles Sturt is working with our neighbouring Councils, the Cities of Port Adelaide and Enfield and West Torrens, to plan for the impacts of climate change.

Predicted changes in Western Adelaide

Annual temperature
To increase by 1.5 - 4 degrees Celsius

Heat waves
Frequency, duration and severity are all projected to increase

2-5% decrease by 2030, and 20-40% decrease by 2070

Wind speed
Minimal change

Relative humidity
Minimal change

Source: Western Adelaide Climate Change Adaptation Plan – Final Stage 1 Report

The City of Charles Sturt is tackling Climate Change by:

  • Educating our community about climate change and what to do
  • Reducing our energy consumption - from our buildings, fleet and public lighting
  • Developing a regional climate change adaptation strategy – in partnership with the State and Commonwealth Governments and the Cities of Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens

Western Adelaide Climate Change Adaptation Plan – Project Stages

Stage 1 (completed)

  • Profile of Western Adelaide Region
  • Establishing climate change scenarios

Stage 2 (currently under way)

  • 2.1 Coastal management
  • 2.2 Urban planning and development
  • 2.3 Environment and open space
  • 2.4 Social and community resilience, and health
  • 2.5 Assets, infrastructure and economy

Stage 3 – Integrated vulnerability assessment

  • This stage will draw all the above issues together and highlight issues that present the greatest risk to the region.

Stage 4 – Preparation of the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan

  • The plan will be prepared, with the benefit of the information generated in previous stages and including a process of community and stakeholder engagement.

More information on climate change can be found here:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – AR5 report and information

South Australia’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework,+energy+and+environment/Climate+change/Adapting+to+climate+change/Adapting+to+climate+change+in+South+Australia

Western Adelaide Region Climate Change Adaptation Plan – Stage 1
A full copy of the Stage 1 report is available on the City of Port Adelaide Enfield website here:

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

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