Stormwater Capital Works

A number of projects will be undertaken or investigated within the financial year, such as pump station upgrades, box culvert replacement and installation of gross pollutant traps.

Various stormwater drainage upgrades associated with road work improvement programs are often undertaken during the major construction of roads projects (eg laneway construction).  These projects are identified as the road is designed and are not listed here. Here are a sample of the works being undertaken this financial year.

Pump Station Upgrade - Halsey Road Pump Station

Council has twelve (12) pump station locations throughout the City, ranging from single to five pump installations. These stormwater pump stations are a critical part of the stormwater system, providing flood protection to residents from, in some cases, very short rainfall intervals, often several times a year.

A study of all of our pump stations was conducted in 2003 where the condition and capacity of all the pump stations was determined and then risk assessments undertaken to determine the priority for upgrades of the pump stations. Council then introduced a capital program to upgrade all of our pump stations to be of a condition and capacity to cope with a 1 in 10 year rain event by 2012. The council has upgraded eight (8) of the twelve (12) pump stations to date and is on track to have all pump stations upgraded by 2012 as planned.

During the 2009/2010 financial year, the Halsey Road Pump Station upgrade will be completed to provide increased protection to residents. The Halsey Road Pump Station serves a significant catchment (135ha) and requires the capacity of the pump station to be significantly upgraded from approx 750l/s to approx 3000l/s including increasing the capacity of the storage basin. The upgrade of all pump stations will allow remote monitoring and backup generator power supply to provide further protection to residents in the community.

Box Culvert Replacement - Margaret Street, Henley Beach

Council's existing culvert infrasture, first manufactured in 1975 are in poor condition and will continue this financial year with Margaret Street, Henley Beach, located between Mitton Avenue and Cudmore Terrace.

GPT Implementation Program

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) increase the water quality in our waterways and reduces waterborne pollution to create a better environment and will result in safer recreational use of our waterways by the community.

New GPT devices are installed on outlets greater than 600mm diameter that discharge into waterways and foreshore. This financial year, funding was granted for a new GPT to be installed at the southern end of Frogmore Road, Kidman Park at the outlet into the River Torrens.  This project will be fully funded by external grant funds.