Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Traffic Management

Grange Road 2Council continues to monitor traffic movements throughout the City and, where warranted, looks at installing traffic calming devices and other road safety measures as a means to increase road safety and manage local traffic conditions and inappropriate use of streets.  The improvements of these streets are then linked with other programs including road reconstruction programs or urban regeneration projects.

To guide decision making, the Council has endorsed a Traffic Management Strategy as well as a Transport Management Strategy, which prioritises the need for the development of Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) plans and cycling in the City.

For more information contact our Coordinator Transport Services on 8408 1291.

Hoon Driving in our Suburbs

If you are witnessing dangerous driving in your area such as speeding or hoon driving behaviour, please report this to the South Australian Police by calling 131 444.

For more information see the South Australian Police traffic watch website.

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