Public Lighting

Charles Sturt, in conjunction with ETSA Utilities, continue to improve the street lighting across our city. We are responsible for all street lighting on local roads and contribute to lighting on the main road network. 

ETSA Utilities maintains and replaces all new underground developments or upgrades to existing road lighting systems where either overhead/underground mains exist. There are some areas such as West Lakes and open space areas where Charles Sturt owns the street lights and maintains them. 

Faulty lights are reported directly to ETSA for repair by calling 1800 676 043. New lights are installed as a result of residents' input into current street lighting patterns and ETSA designs.  

Charles Sturt currently provide over 15,000 street lights across the city. Our current expenditure on electricity supply and maintenance is $1.4 million per year and a further $190,000 per year for minor street light improvements. 

West Lakes Street Lighting Upgrade

In 2009/10 we will be upgrading lights in Classic Court, Birkdale Grove, Oakmount Court, Merion Court, St Andrews Way, Lytham Place, Hoylake Crescent, Carnoustie Court, Huntingdale Avenue and Kooyonga Grove, West Lakes to the current electrical and public lighting standards as part of a continuing street lighting upgrade program.

For further information contact our Transport Engineer on 8408 1171.