Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure


footpaths1Charles Sturt maintains approximately 930km of roadside footpaths constructed for safe and convenient walking in and along main roads, local streets and in parks and reserves.

Footpaths are constructed using different materials, which include clay and concrete pavers, concrete slabs and bitumen. In some places specialised surfaces are used like exposed aggregate concrete.

Charles Sturt is replacing all kerb ramps and constructing new ones to meet DDA compliant standards. This means they are not too steep so people with a mobility disability can safely travel over them.

How do we decide to put a footpath?

Charles Sturt tries to provide a footpath on at least on one side of most streets. Our Footpath Policy (55 kb) is our main guide in the decision making process, however there are ways that you can influence the process.

How can I request a footpath in my street?

Please submit your request for a constructed footpath in writing.  The foothpath program for the next five years has been planned, however depending on your specific circumstances, your request may be given special consideration.

If you have any further queries about footpaths, contact our Coordinator Transport on 8408 1281.

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