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Burleigh Avenue, Pennington / Woodville North - Road Reconstruction & Streetscape Upgrade

The consultation feedback report is now available to view


In November 2017 we invited local residents of Burleigh Ave and surrounding streets to provide feedback on a concept plan to upgrade Burleigh Avenue and to learn more about it at a community open day on 26 November 2017.   

As a result of positive community feedback, we are proceeding with the design and plan to construct the upgrade during the 2018/19 financial year, subject to Council approving the budget in June.

The Community Engagement Report and Concept Plans are available below.  

Burleigh Avenue - Community Engagement Feedback Report (1067 kb)

Concept Plan - page 1 (8725 kb)

Concept Plan - page 2 (4846 kb)

Existing Burleigh Ave


 Proposed Burleigh

The Burleigh Avenue Plan includes:

  • more trees
  • irrigated grass and plants
  • wide path on the northern side
  • less bitumen
  • rain gardens
  • traffic calming
  • better street lighting

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Impact on Residents

> Roads radiate heat and emit it well into the night.  New street trees, less bitumen and more grass will reduce the heat radiated from Burleigh Avenue adjacent to your home. This might even help to reduce your power bills by helping you to use less air conditioning.

> Most driveway crossovers will be replaced and the ones to the properties on the northern side (odd numbered houses) will be longer than they are now.

> The path on the northern verge (odd number houses) will be further away from the property boundary than the path is now, improving visibility of pedestrians for drivers reversing from driveways. Plants will be low so drivers can easily see over them.

> The trees on the northern verge (odd number houses) will be closer to the property boundary / fence line than the existing street trees, however still about 1.5 metres away.


> Street lighting will be upgraded using energy-saving LED lights, making the street safer at night.

Traffic and Parking

> No on-street parking will be lost.  Drivers will give way to oncoming traffic.

> The proposed width of the road is the same as Harrison Road and Northgate Street.

> Raised intersections (which is like a big speed hump) and a narrower road will make drivers travel slower, improving safety for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

> Coloured bitumen at the intersections will improve visibility of the intersection for drivers.

> Roundabouts are not included as they are not easy for pedestrians and bicycle riders to use.


> Verges will be irrigated, to establish the grass, plants and trees and keep them healthy.

> The City of Charles Sturt will maintain the verges.  Residents are encouraged to help with the verge outside their house if they are able to.

> There will be 3 rows of trees along the street.  Species have been chosen that do not drop fruit or leaves.

> The verge on the southern side will remain the same width as it is now, but will have new irrigation, grass and trees. Trees that are in good condition could be retained.

The environment

> Rain gardens can reduce the load on the stormwater system and also have a cooling effect in the street.

> The reduction in impermeable surfaces will reduce storm-water run-off.

> As trees grow, they improve the air quality.

> We aim to connect to our recycled water system for verge irrigation.


> The cost of new landscaping is less than the cost of replacing the road per square metre. This means that these great outcomes can be achieved (subject to detailed design) within existing Council budgets.

People and the Community

> Trees will eventually grow up to provide shade, which will make walking along the street more comfortable.

> There are opportunities to work with the local community and Pennington Primary for artistic projects.

> This project might encourage more school students to walk or cycle to school, using this street.

> This project will increase green space for the Pennington and Woodville North community to enjoy.

Residential Development

> No impact on property development.  If properties are subdivided, street trees might need to be relocated to accommodate new driveways.

> A tree in front of a house has been shown to increase property values at the time of selling.

Why widen the northern verge?

> The northern verge is proposed to be widened rather than the southern verge because it provides a better connection to the Pennington Primary School and Oval at the end of Harrison Road and the Hockey Club and Reserve on Northgate Street.

> We chose to widen one verge and not both because this allowed us to have 3 rows of trees instead of only 2, and more opportunity for planting and large trees in the wide verge.

> A median island has not been included because it would restrict right turn access to driveways. 

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