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Royal Park Traffic Review

Royal Park Traffic Review

Consultation for this traffic review has now closed and the Feedback report is available to view.


As a result of community feedback a report was included in the Agenda of the meeting of Asset Management Committee on 16 October 2017.

The Committee resolved:

1. That the Community Engagement Report ‐ Royal Park Traffic Review (Appendix A) be received and noted.

2. That the existing configuration of Royal Terrace at the junctions with Kingston Avenue, James Street and Wright Street in Royal Park remain unchanged at this time.

3. That $5,000 for traffic treatments on Crown Terrace at the intersection of Royal Terrace be sought from project savings and or savings through the 2017 December budget review.

Intersection of Royal Terrace, Kingston Ave & James Street

Council considered the consultation feedback and community safety implications in making their decision to leave the intersections unchanged with some minor improvements to traffic signs.

Crown Terrace Pavement Bars

Council has now allocated a budget for the installation of line marking and pavement bars on Crown Terrace, at the intersection of Royal Terrace.

The proposal that was sent to the community in July 2017 was modified slightly to enable the retention of an on street car parking space. 

The pavement bars are designed to prevent vehicles from travelling on the opposite side of the road as they enter and exit Crown Terrace and as they approach the bend, restricting travel lane width and reducing vehicle speeds.

Raised pavement bars will not be installed in front of driveways.  At these locations a flat yellow oval will be painted on the road surface instead of installation of a raised pavement bar.

We expect that this treatment will be installed in February 2018.

Crown Terrace Pavement Bar Plan (200 kb)

Community Engagement Report - Royal Park Traffic Review (831 kb)

Information Flyer - Royal Park Review (223 kb)

For further information please contact Kath Mardon, Community Engagement Officer on 8408 1270 or email


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