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Bowden Parking Plan

Bowden Parking Plan

The Bowden Parking Plan has been finalised and is ready to view


The City of Charles Sturt wishes to inform you that the Bowden Parking Plan has been finalised and will be presented at the Asset Management Committee at its meeting on Monday 21 August 2017.

The Bowden Parking Plan aims to improve parking conditions in the Bowden and Brompton study area and includes a number of key strategies and actions. The key actions will be implemented in future years, subject to Council budget approval and further consultation with affected stakeholders.

The City of Charles Sturt would like to thank everyone for their participation and interest in the development of the Bowden Parking Plan to date.

The Final Plan can be viewed at the City of Charles Sturt Civic Centre (72 Woodville Road), at the Hindmarsh Library (139 Port Road) or by downloading it.

Final Bowden Parking Plan (6581 kb)

To view the past stages of Community Engagement on the Bowden Parking Plan you can visit here

For further information please contact Chris Bentick on 8408 1297.

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