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Community Engagement Projects

Proposed 40km/hr Area Speed limit - Allenby Gardens, West Hindmarsh and Welland

5 February 2016
The results of the consultation for the Allenby Gardens, Welland and West Hindmarsh and now available to view.

Proposed 40km/hr Speed limit - Croydon / West Croydon

3 February 2016
The results of the consultation for the Croydon/West Croydon proposed 40km/hr speed limit is now available.

Open Space Strategy 2025

1 February 2016
The Open Space Strategy has been reviewed and the draft reports are now available for public comment.

Grange Lakes Shared Use Path

21 January 2016
The path along the Grange Lakes Channel has deterioated and is being upgraded to a 2.5m Shared Use Path from Terminus Street to Grange Road.

Charles Sturt Ave - Traffic Safety Improvements

13 January 2016
Council received a petition from residents/ratepayers along Charles Sturt Avenue in January 2015 seeking Council remedy traffic safety issues in Charles Sturt Avenue.

Proposed 40 km/h Area - West Hindmarsh / Welland

30 September 2015
Charles Sturt is proposing a 40 km/h area speed limit in Welland and West Hindmarsh. Local residents only in the area are encouraged to have their say!

Proposed Dog Off Leash Area - St Clair Recreation Reserve

12 November 2015
The City of Charles Sturt is reviewing the current leash laws for St Clair Recreation Reserve.

Proposed Dog On Leash Area - Carnarvon Reserve

12 November 2015
The City of Charles Sturt recently received a request to review the on leash/off leash criteria for Carnarvon Reserve on Carnarvon Parade in West Croydon.

Proposed 40 km/hr area speed limit - Hindmarsh

3 December 2015
The City of Charles Sturt is improving the safety of pedestrians and traffic safety in Hindmarsh by proposing a 40 km/h area speed limit.

Proposed Automated Public Toilet - Stage 1

12 March 2015
We are seeking community feedback on proposed locations for the installation of an automated public toilet in the Hindmarsh Council Ward.

Brompton Green Proposed Reserve Renaming

20 October 2015
The City of Charles Sturt recently received a request from a resident requesting that consideration be given to renaming Brompton Green Reserve to the Murray Johnson Reserve, in honour of her Grandfather.

Transport Plan 2015-2031

26 May 2015
We are seeking your feedback to help prepare a Transport Plan for 2015-2031.

Your Say Charles Sturt – August Newsletter

4 August 2015
Your Say Charles Sturt is Council's online consultation hub, designed so that you, and fellow community members, can contribute to some of the issues currently being considered by Council, from you mobile devices or the comfort of your own home

Animal Management Plan Review

6 July 2015
Council’s current Urban Animal Management Plan (UAMP) is due to expire at the end of this year. We are required by law to ensure that a management plan is in effect covering issues relating to animal management specific to our community.

Brompton Public Toilet

15 June 2015
We would like to hear what you think of either Brompton Green or Josiah Mitton Reserves as a preferred location for an automated public toilet.

Nominate a place you love in Charles Sturt

12 June 2015
Meaningful places are those that people love. They reflect the needs of people who live there, sustain the business communities that work there and capture the hearts of the people that visit them.

Ageing well: Building resilience in individuals and communities

1 June 2015
Flinders University (The Centre for Ageing Studies), in collaboration with the SA Office for the Ageing is conducting a study is titled “Ageing well: Building resilience in individuals and communities”.

Seeking ideas on improvements at Breakout Creek

30 April 2015
Have your say to improve the River Torrens Linear Park Breakout Creek environment between Tapleys Hill Road and the outlet.

Help us become more breastfeeding friendly

16 April 2015
Did you know that a mothers are legally entitled to breastfeed their children in public places across every State and Territory in Australia?

2015-2016 Draft Annual Business Plan

14 April 2015
We are seeking your views on the 2015/16 Draft Annual Business Plan

Charles Sturt is... refreshing our E-Panel

15 September 2014
Interested in sharing your views on important projects being considered by Council? We are currently seeking new members to join our E-Panel and need your help!

Coast Park Consultation

15 September 2014
Help shape the future of Coast Park!
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