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Community Engagement Projects

Rain Gardens, Flinders Park

2 November 2017
We are proposing rain gardens in Flinders Park.These gardens will provide more green and lush shrubs to beautify the verge while acting as a natural stormwater filter.

Burleigh Avenue, Pennington / Woodville North - Road Reconstruction & Streetscape Upgrade

9 November 2017
We need you to help us make Burleigh Avenue better!

Royal Park Traffic Review

18 July 2017
Consultation for this traffic review has now closed and the Feedback report is available to view.

Hindmarsh Parking Plan

31 August 2017
We are working with the local community to understand issues regarding car parking in Hindmarsh as we begin preparing the Hindmarsh Parking Plan.

Croydon Avenue and Garnet Street - Reserve & Streetscape Project

27 July 2017
The final project report is now available for Croydon Avenue and Garnet Street - Reserve & Streetscape Project.

Bowden Parking Plan

22 June 2017
The Bowden Parking Plan has been finalised and is ready to view
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