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Waste Management

What days are my bins collected?

Services for Me icon - small Click on the "Services for Me" icon and enter your address to find out what bins to put out this week.

Collection Calendar - Week A (3887 kb)
Collection Calendar - Week B (3886 kb)

2016/2017 – Christmas Day & New Year’s Day are on a weekend so there is no change to collection days.  Good Friday collection will take place the next day (Saturday).

Waste Hotline: 8295 5077

Bin information

Waste (blue lid)

Organics (green lid)

Recycling (yellow lid)

Bin placement

Correct bin placement pictureTo ensure your bins are emptied on your scheduled collection day, you need to:
  • Put the bins out by 6.00am on the day of pick up and bring them back in within 24 hours of collection;
  • Face each bin in the right direction - wheels towards the house;
  • Keep a minimum of 30cm clear around each bin;
  • Place the right material in the right bin (See Sections 3-6 for more information);
  • Be sure your waste is not packed too tightly;
  • Don't overfill your bin (max. weight 75 kg) and make sure the bin lid is closed.

Correct bin placement 

Please contact the Waste Hotline 8295 5077 for:

  • Collection enquiries - including missed collections;
  • Damage to bins;
  • Conduct and courtesy of vehicle drivers;
  • Any other waste related enquiries.
​Please contact the Customer Service on 8408 1111 for:
  • Theft of bins;
  • New or replacement bins.
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