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Home Maintenance Volunteer Do I need experience to be a Volunteer?

Whilst the City of Charles Sturt is interested in harnessing your life/work experience and utilising your skills there are many opportunities to try something new. However, we make every effort to match you to a role that will suit you and be successful.

 How many hours/days a week do I have to commit to my volunteering role?

This depends on the role and your availability. Some positions require you to complete a 4 hour 'shift' per week or fortnight, while others are more flexible and may only require a couple hours per fortnight or month.

 Do I require a police check?

This depends on the program. If you are going to be volunteering with any vulnerable groups, handling money or going on private property you will require a police check. Occasionally other programs may require a police check when the funding agreement requests this. The Volunteer Services Development Officer will assist you to get a police check at a reduced cost and on producing a receipt Council will reimburse you the amount.

 Will I get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses?

All out of pocket expenses approved by your program coordinator will be reimbursed.

 Can I do volunteer work to qualify for my Centrelink payment?

Yes, if you receive an allowance eg Newstart, from Centrelink that asks you to do volunteer work (eg 15 hours per week) to qualify for your payments we can generally help you meet all or part of that commitment. This of course depends on the vacancies that exist.

 Can I get a reference from Council?

It is NOT our policy to give written references to prospective employees. However, your program coordinator is free to give a verbal reference over the phone and of course can only comment on the volunteer role in which you have been involved.

 Can I go on holidays?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage all volunteers to take a break at some stage throughout the year. However, we do ask that you give your program coordinator some notice so they can plan for your absence.

 Do I get trained for my volunteer role?

Where applicable and specific to your role training is provided. There are also other opportunities offered throughout the year to all volunteers of which to take advantage.


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