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2019/20 Bus Stop Renewal Program

Although the Council does not operate bus services, it is responsible for the bus stop areas. The bus stop renewal includes features that make them complaint with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which means that they are suitable for people with most disabilities to use. Legislation requires that all bus stops be complaint with the DDA by 2022. A shelter is not a DDA requirement of a bus stop.

Most bus shelters are owned by the Department for Planning Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI), or Adshel (those with advertising panels).  Through an agreement, Council is responsible for the maintenance of DPTI owned bus shelters, and if one of these in poor condition and repairs are possible, they will be placed on a maintenance schedule. If the shelter requires replacement, Council will advise the DPTI of this.  If the DPTI does not provide Council with the necessary funding, we will remove it from the bus stop so the area is safe.

The work may include some, or all of these features:

  • Reconstructing the bus stop area surface
  • Tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs)
  • Lighting
  • Seats and bins
  • Access paths, manoeuvring areas and passing areas
  • Ramps, handrails and grab rails
  • Kerb ramps
  • where there are bus shelters-repair, removal, or replacement
  • Symbols and signs

The bus stops in the 2019/20 program are listed below: 

Stop No Street Name Suburb
29A (N) Annette Street ATHOL PARK
29A (S) Annette Street ATHOL PARK
29B (E) Alicia Street ATHOL PARK
29B (W) Alicia Street ATHOL PARK
32 (W) Addison Road PENNINGTON
32 (E)  Addison Road PENNINGTON
32A (W) Addison Road PENNINGTON
12B (N) Burbridge Road WEST BEACH
12C (S) Burbridge Road WEST BEACH
12C (N) Burbridge Road WEST BEACH
30C (E)  Cheltenham Parade ST CLAIR
30C (W) Cheltenham Parade CHELTENHAM
31A (E) Fort Street GRANGE
31A (W) Fort Street GRANGE
31(S) Fort Street GRANGE
31 (E)  Glenroy Street ATHOL PARK
30 (W) Glenroy Street PENNINGTON
31 (W) Glenroy Street PENNINGTON
31A (W) Glenroy Street PENNINGTON
13A (W) Military Road WEST BEACH
13 (E)  Military Road WEST BEACH
13 (W) Military Road WEST BEACH
31 (W) Military Road TENNYSON
30C (W) Military Road TENNYSON
31 (E)  Military Road TENNYSON
23 (N) Port Road WOODVILLE
31 (S) Trimmer Parade GRANGE
31A Trimmer Parade GRANGE


For more information please contact Project Engineer on 8408 1111.

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