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2019/20 Path Renewal Program

The Council has asset management plans for its assets so that it can plan for their replacement. This allows budget provision each year so that the assets can be replaced at the end of their serviceable life and before they fail. The asset management plan for paths has identified the paths in the list below for replacement.

The Council has asset management plans for its assets so that it can plan for their replacement.  This allows budget provision each year so that the assets can be replaced at the end of their serviceable life and before they fail.  The asset management plan for paths has identified the paths in the list below for replacement.

The new paths may be slightly wider than the existing path as the service level requirements now mean that paths are constructed with a minimum width of 1.5 metres; and up to 2.5 metres wide to meet demand and locational requirements.  As a general rule, the material used will be fibre reinforced concrete which has proven to be an economical material being easy to install, having a long life with minimum maintenance and lowest overall cost over the whole life of the path.

When we replace paths we make an assessment of driveways and if they are a trip hazard to people walking along the path, we may replace that section of driveway at our own cost.  We also repair any damage to irrigation systems and backfill around the path with clean sandy loam.

Once these paths are replaced they will continue to provide safe pedestrian (and cycling) routes and more functional and attractive streets. 

Below is the list of paths that are proposed for renewal in 2019-20.  Please note that some individual projects may be deferred, removed from the Program or amended subject to detailed scoping. 

For more information please contact Project Engineer on 8408 1111.     

Street Name Suburb From To
Selth Street ALBERT PARK Osborne Street Spence Street
Port Road ALBERT PARK 37.5M East of Murray Street 61M East of Murray Street
Amy Street ATHOL PARK Millicent Street Lavinia Street
Annette Street ATHOL PARK Adele Street Hanson Road
Jeanes Street BEVERLEY 48M East of Main Street East Avenue
Toogood Reserve BEVERLEY Through Reserve Through Reserve
Eighth Street BOWDEN Trembath Street Park Tce Service Road
Tenth Street BOWDEN Trembath Street Dead End
Drayton Street BOWDEN Fourteenth Street Gething Crescent (South)
Drayton Street BOWDEN Seventeenth Street Torrens Road
Eighth Street BOWDEN Trembath Street Park Terrace Service Road
Gibson Street BOWDEN Market Place Fourteeth Street
Market Place BOWDEN No. 14 No. 8
Drayton Street BOWDEN No. 99 Thirteenth Street
Market Place BOWDEN Gibson Street No. 8
Fourteenth Street BOWDEN Quin Street Gibson Street
Mudge Way Reserve BOWDEN Through Reserve Through Reserve
Kennington Avenue BROMPTON End Wentworth Place
Kennington Avenue BROMPTON Doughty Street Bromley Close
Green Street BROMPTON Hawker Street Fifth Street
Second Street BROMPTON West Street Florence Crescent
Third Street BROMPTON Dead End Coglin Street
Second Street BROMPTON West Street Chief Street
Brompton Green Reserve BROMPTON Through Reserve Through Reserve
Brown Street BROMPTON Second Street Third Street
Colston Street CHELTENHAM Port Road Fourth Avenue
Branston Avenue DEVON PARK Bolton Avenue Boundary
Drummond Avenue FINDON Angley Avenue Strathbogie Avenue
Grange Road FINDON Dampier Avenue 24M East of Dampier Ave
Dring Avenue FINDON Bend Crittenden Road
Crittenden Road FINDON Colin Street 24M East of Colin Street
Cordelia Crescent FINDON 11M North of Crittenden Rd 50M North of Crittenden Rd
Crittenden Road FINDON 42M East of Colin Street Hammond Road
Wanda Avenue FINDON Rondo Avenue Grange Road
Falkirk Avenue FINDON Grange Road 1-4/401 Grange Road
Jarman Terrace FLINDERS PARK Lilac Avenue Abelia Avenue
Grange Road FLINDERS PARK Gould Street Malcolm Street
Walkway FLINDERS PARK Thistle Avenue Drake Avenue
John Keeley Reserve FLINDERS PARK Through Reserve Through Reserve
Tedder Reserve FLINDERS PARK Through Reserve Through Reserve
Everritt Avenue FULHAM GARDENS End Holthouse Road
Somerset Reserve FULHAM GARDENS Through Reserve Through Reserve
Parkview Avenue GRANGE Sylvan Way No. 1
Beach Street GRANGE Yorkshire Street Grange Road
Walkway GRANGE Monaco Crescent Trimmer Parade
Walkway GRANGE Trimmer Parade Lisa Place
Drainage North Reserve GRANGE Sylvan Way Nash Street
Denton Street HENDON Paqualin Street Vincent Street
Vickers Avenue HENDON De Haviland Avenue 43.5M East of De Havilland Avenue
Tapleys Hill Road HENDON 114M North of Sheppard Street 78M South of Denton Street
Thompson Street HENLEY BEACH North Street Jeanes Street
Adam Street Reserve HINDMARSH Through Reserve Through Reserve
Francis Street KIDMAN PARK Kelsey Street End
Kidman Avenue KIDMAN PARK No. 394 Grange Road
Harrow Road KIDMAN PARK Cul-de-sac end Laurie Street
Frogmore Road KIDMAN PARK Olympia Street Fergusson Avenue
Carlo Street KIDMAN PARK Opal Street End
Walkway KIDMAN PARK Glenwood Crescent Brook Street
Walkway KIDMAN PARK Jamaica Avenue Stokes Crescent
David Terrace KILKENNY Port Road 64M North of Port Road
Torrens Road KILKENNY David Terrace 55M East of David Terrace
Grayson Street KILKENNY 43M East of David Terrace Reynell Street
Grayson Street KILKENNY 11M East of David Terrace Yallum Terrace
Coombe Street OVINGHAM End Park Tce Service Road
Noble Street OVINGHAM Gilbert Street Park Terrace
Park Terrace OVINGHAM 25M West of Bend Bend
Gilbert Street OVINGHAM Telford Street Albert Street
Addison Road PENNINGTON Queen Street George Street
Eastbourne Terrace PENNINGTON Fortisgreen Avenue No. 2
Condon Reserve PENNINGTON Through Reserve Through Reserve
Dora Court RENOWN PARK Dead End Stacey Place
George Street ROYAL PARK Frederick Road Johnson Street
Poplar Street ROYAL PARK Crown Terrace Palm Avenue
Myrtle Street ROYAL PARK No. 89 Cedar Avenue
Richard Russell Reserve ROYAL PARK Through Reserve Through Reserve
Arthur Street SEATON Opp. No. 52 Clark Terrace
Pedlar St Road Closure SEATON Through Reserve Through Reserve
Gordon Street SEMAPHORE PARK Sansom Road George Street
Bower Road SEMAPHORE PARK 45M West of Sw Of Bridge Sw Of Bridge
Bower Road SEMAPHORE PARK No. 200 32M East of No. 200
Walkway SEMAPHORE PARK Beach Iluka Place
Sir Alex Ramsey Reserve SEMAPHORE PARK Through Reserve Through Reserve
Walkway SEMAPHORE PARK Granville Street Malin Street
Trust Reserve SEMAPHORE PARK Through Reserve Through Reserve
Carbone Terrace ST CLAIR Robertson Court 20M West of End
Post Parade ST CLAIR On Street Carpark On Street Carpark
Sunlake Place TENNYSON Military Road No. 1
Walkway TENNYSON Beach Seaview Road
Frederick Street WELLAND Musgrave Avenue Moorfield Terrace
Bond Street WELLAND Welland Avenue Arlington Terrace
Grange Road WELLAND 64M East of Frederick Street Welland Avenue
Breakout South Reserve WEST BEACH Through Reserve Through Reserve
Cavendish Street WEST CROYDON Aroona North Road Sackville Street
Herbert Road WEST CROYDON 78M West of Brown Street 32M West of Brown Street
Margaret Avenue WEST CROYDON Carlyle Avenue Clarence Street
Florence Street WEST CROYDON Castle Street Hilda Street
Clarence Street WEST CROYDON Kingsley Avenue Reynell Street
Margaret Avenue WEST CROYDON Boston Street 34M West of Carlyle Avenue
Hero Way WEST LAKES Lord Hobart mWay Mary Ann Street
Antigua Grove WEST LAKES Martinique Court 17M West of Island Drive
Walkway WEST LAKES Driver Court Lochside Drive
Frederick Street WEST LAKES 18M Nth of Settlers Drive Old Port Road
Walkway WEST LAKES Frome Crescent Lakeview Avenue
Walkway WEST LAKES Sportsmans Drive Huntingdale Avenue
Walkway WEST LAKES Lomond Court Michigan Court
Sir Johns Marks Reserve WEST LAKES Through Reserve Through Reserve
Walkway WEST LAKES Kerr Grove Lake
Allerdice Reserve WEST LAKES Through Reserve Through Reserve
Lochside Reserve WEST LAKES Through Reserve Through Reserve
Kerr Grove and Corcoran Reserve WEST LAKES Kerr Grove Corcoran Reserve
Old Port Road WEST LAKES Frederick Street Lord Hobart Way
Inlet Reserve WEST LAKES Through Reserve Through Reserve
Laver Crescent WEST LAKES SHORE Newcombe Avenue T-Junction
Boyd Crescent WEST LAKES SHORE Newcombe Avenue No. 9
Heysen Crescent WEST LAKES SHORE 25M Sth of Dutton Grove Dutton Grove
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Karumba Place Bartley Terrace
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Bulahdelah Court Bartley Terrace
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Newcombe Avenue Thiele Crescent
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Sansom Road Bermuda Avenue
Jubilee Reserve WEST LAKES SHORE Through Reserve Through Reserve
Greenfield Reserve WEST LAKES SHORE Through Reserve Through Reserve
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Keesing Place Newcombe Avenue
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Lambert Avenue Lambert Avenue
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Keesing Place Reserve
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Boyd Crescent Bartley Terrace
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Hawkesbury Drive Ashburton Avenue
Walkway WEST LAKES SHORE Ashburton Avenue Todd Place
Norman Street WOODVILLE 72M East of Hughes Sth St 96M East of Hughes Sth St
Norman Street WOODVILLE 25M East of Woodville Rd 48M East of Woodville Rd
Port Road WOODVILLE 12M East of Woodville Rd 46M East of Woodville Rd
Port Road WOODVILLE 59M West of Hughes Sth St Hughes South St
Torrens Road WOODVILLE 58M West of Park North St 24M West of Park North St
Russell Terrace WOODVILLE Hughes Street South Park South Street
Fletcher Street WOODVILLE NORTH Mary Lane Sheridan Street
Hanson Road WOODVILLE NORTH York Place No. 117
Leeds Street WOODVILLE NORTH Side Street No. 58-62
Adit Street WOODVILLE NORTH Audley Street 49M East of Audley Street
Torrens Road WOODVILLE NORTH Burwood Av 23M East of Burwood Ave
Osborne Avenue WOODVILLE PARK Park South Street 107M East of Park Sth St
Port Road WOODVILLE PARK Balmoral Street Garth Street
Port Road WOODVILLE PARK 83M West of David Terrace 58M West of David Terrace
Torrens Road WOODVILLE PARK 60M East of Park North St 92M West of David Terrace
Emily Street WOODVILLE WEST No. 2 Alma Terrace
Elizabeth Street WOODVILLE WEST Todville Street Nicholls Terrace
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