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West Lakes Boundary Identification Surveys

This survey will determine the extent of private encroachment around the lake.

Around the edge of West Lakes lake, we have around 2kms of public walking areas and around 6kms of public reserve areas. The remaining 7kms of the edge is made up of private property and is not accessible by the public.

In some locations, public access to walkways and reserves has been restricted due to private properties encroaching on these areas.

We are currently undertaking boundary identification surveys to determine the extent of private encroachment around the lake.

In some instances Licenced Surveyors may be required to peg private boundaries. Please be advised that the Survey Act makes provision for surveyors to enter private property (i.e. yards and gardens) to undertake survey work and that it is an offence under the Act to remove or interfere with survey marks that a surveyor has placed in the ground.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this work.

For further information:

Lake Edge Doc - Website - Asset Management Committee - 19 September 2016 (303 kb)

Full agenda and minutes of Asset Management Committee Meeting

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