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Save Energy

toolkitThe Home Energy Toolkit is a home energy auditing tool that can help households to reduce their energy usage.

By reducing your energy usage you can save on your energy bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

That's a benefit for both you and the environment.

Toolkit contents:

  • Home energy worksheet - Step by step instructions for you to follow in order to conduct your own energy audit.
  • toolkit_openStopwatch - Assists in determining the flow rate of hot water from showers and taps.
  • Magnetic compass - Identify the orientation of your home so that you can think about shading for north, east and west facing windows.
  • Infrared thermometer - Measure the temperature of your hot water system, fridges and freezers.
  • Room thermometer - measure air temperature around the household.
  • Appliance meter - The Power-Mate supplied in the toolkit enables you to measure the electricity consumption of all electrical appliances with a standard 3-pin plug.

To borrow a kit visit any of our Libraries or click here:

Home Energy Toolkit

For more information on the toolkit click here:

Home Energy Toolkits Information

For further energy advice go to:

Energy Division Website

5 ways to beat your energy bills

5 ways to save energy There are some simple steps householders can take at home to reduce the impact of their energy bills. The front of this double sided A4 fact sheet explains 5 things they can do to make a difference:

  1. Spread your bill payments
  2. Save energy at home
  3. Get the best energy deal
  4. Find out if you are eligible for a concession
  5. Know where to get help

The reverse of the fact sheet goes into more detail about simple ways to save energy at home.

5 Ways to Beat Your Energy Bills - factsheet

‘5 ways to beat your energy bills’ fact sheet has also been translated into five community languages – Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi.






New Summer Cooling Guide

Knowing how to keep homes cool in summer while reducing the need for cooling appliances can help people lower their energy costs.

Our new four page Summer Cooling Guide will help people understand the different cooling appliances available and their hourly running costs, minimise their energy costs and stay cool and comfortable during summer.

The guide also includes information about cooling homes more effectively, reducing energy use and ways to keep safe and healthy during extreme heat.

Summer Cooling Guide

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