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Digital Economy

The Digital Economy Strategy was adopted by Council on the 25th of February 2013.

Charles Sturt Digital Economy Strategy (1527 kb)

The advent of broadband, particularly through the NBN will provide speeds of up to 100 megabits per second to the majority of Australians. NBN Co is already ensuring that new estates with over 100 dwellings (St Clair, Woodville West and Bowden) are being connected or will soon be connected to the NBN Co.

The City of Charles Sturt Digital Economy Strategy is based on four pillars of 

Connectivity - Affordable broadband – infrastructure of innovation

Capability - Skilled workforce and empowered businesses and communities. Learning, living and working online

Content - Valuable information and applications, creating reasons to be connected.

Clusters - Businesses collocate to build competitive advantage.  Main streets and precincts are the hubs of growth.

Council role in Digital Economy

A Digital Economy Action Plan has been developed and is overseen by a Digital Economy Taskforce.  Twenty actions have been identified for implementation to ensure local individuals and businesses are equipped to benefit from the digital revolution.

Council Role in Digital Economy