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Major Projects

Major Projects

Renewing our Assets

Project Value $16.7m

We are renewing our assets a significant road and footpath renewals program worth a collective $16.7million, demonstrating our commitment to our community to maintain our City’s connecting road and footpath networks and invest in the future assets of our City.

Our assets are divided into Road Renewals worth $10.7m, DDA Projects worth $1m and the Footpath Renewals Program worth just over $5m.

ROAD RENEWALS – Budget $10,749,255

Road Rehabilitation

Road rehabilitation involves the application of the following treatmentto extend the useful life of road pavements:

  • Crack Sealing Kerb & Gutter renewal
  • Rejuvenation treatment
  • Preservation treatment
  • Asphalt overlay treatment
  • Plane and Reinstate treatment

The proposed Road RehabilitationProgram of works for 2018/19 include streets in Allenby Gardens, Beverley, Hendon, Hindmarsh, Fulham Gardens, Flinders Park, Kilkenny, Ovingham, Pennington, Seaton, Woodville North and Woodville West.

Road Reconstruction

Road reconstruction involves the reconstruction of road pavements and associated kerb and gutters that have reached the end of their useful life and/or due to poor pavement condition it cannot be rehabilitated. The proposed Road Reconstruction Program of works for 2018/19 includes May Street, Henley Beach from Mitton Avenue to end; Rosetta Street, West Croydon between Torrens Road and the Railway overpass; Grey Avenue, Hindmarsh between Frederick Street and Jervois Avenue and Ninth Avenue, Woodville North between Audley Street and Owen Street.

Path renewals $4,550,000

New Paths $490,000

DDA Projects (derb ramps $60,000 and bus stops $400,000) $1,000,000

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