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Public Place Recycling Trial

We will be implementing a trial over the summer months to help to reduce the amount of litter that people leave behind in Bowden and Henley Beach, together with introducing public place recycling. 

recycling trial December

We consulted with our community and businesses and overwhelmingly people were in favour of public place recycling.  So we are responding, and installing recycle bins at Bowden and Henley Beach for a trial.   Look out for them and use them correctly - signage is simple and clear to help you make decisions about what goes where.


We will review the success of this trial in early April next year to consider wider applications throughout the City.  In the future we are considering installing solar compacting bins to compliment the recycling program - a bit fancy and also innovative!  The bins are designed to compact waste to reduce the volume, so that visitors to Henley Square can put more rubbish in the one bin.  This means that fewer bins will be needed to contain the same amount of waste.  The bins can hold up to 3 times the amount of waste a normal bin does so an overflowing bin will be a thing of the past!

Help us to help you keep this place beautiful. Put it in the bin so that somebody else doesn’t have to do it for you!

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