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Parking at Henley Beach

Henley Beach is a popular location for beach goers, diners and shoppers which can result in a high demand for parking.  A range of time limit and unrestricted parking is available around Henley Beach offering a mixture of parking opportunities. 

Free Henley Beach Parking Map (836 kb)

There are two Council owned car parks located immediately North and South of Henley Square which offer paid parking charged at $2 per hour with a 3 hour time limit to ensure vehicle turnover so that customers and beach goers can visit Henley Beach.  Parking fees can be paid at the Parking Meters located within the car park using cash or card (Visa or MasterCard), or via the PayStay App which can downloaded from the App Store on your smartphone.  More information about the PayStay App is available on line -  A short walk either further North or South from the square there are all-day parking spaces. 

Additional off-street parking is available at the privately owned Henley Square Pavilion car park -   

Motorcycle parking can be located in the North Car Park, the South Car Park (Esplanade) and on Main Street.  Designated Disability Parking Permits spaces are available in both car parks located immediately North and South of Henley Square and permit holders receive double the time indicated on the signs.  Therefore if you hold a Disabled Parking Permit you can park for 6 hours and the fee would be $6. 

For more information about Henley Beach, the Visit Henley Beach website has been created to showcase everything that Henley Beach has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the Parking Meter is not working?

Malfunctions can be reported to Council on 8408 1111. In the South Car Park you can use the next machine as there are two machines available. In the North Car Park, if you are unable to pay at the machine or using the PayStay App, you can park and report the issue to Council on 8408 1111.

How does Paid Parking impact Disability Parking Permit Holders?

Disability Parking Permit holders will pay the fees as normal, but will receive double the time allowance. For example, if you display your disability parking permit in the 3 hour parking zone you will be entitled to stay for 6 hours at a cost of $6.

Do I need to pay for parking my motorcycle in the motorcycle parking bay?

Motorcycles parked in the motorcycle parking bay in the North Car Park can park for free. If you park in any of the other paid parking areas, you will need to pay. There are some other free motorcycle car parks on Main Street.

How much does it cost to park at the Henley Square North or South Car Parks?

The fee is $2 per hour for a maximum of 3 hours. After the 3 hours, you do need to leave the car park.

Can I leave my car unattended to get change for the parking meter or ticket machine?

If you wish to use the paid parking areas, you must ensure you have sufficient funds prior to parking and make payment as soon as you arrive. Cars parked without paying may receive a parking fine.

Can I pay for parking time using my credit card?

Yes. Our parking meters accept Visa and MasterCard, as well as cash.

Can I pay for parking using pay-by-phone?

PayStay (pay-by-phone parking) allows drivers to pay for on-street parking using their credit card and a mobile phone. Download the App from the App Store or from the PayStay website

If using PayStay, remember to check that you have a valid session (for the correct zone and vehicle registration) before leaving your vehicle unattended. If you have difficulty operating the PayStay App, you can use alternative forms of payment (coins or credit card) at the parking meter.

How do I use a meter parking area?

After parking your car, check the bay number painted on the ground and locate the parking meter for the area. Follow the instructions on the meter to pay for the parking time you wish to use in the bay you are occupying. The onus is on the driver to make payment for parking as soon as you park your car. Alternatively, payment be can made using the PayStay App on your smart phone.

Can I top up or ‘feed the meter’ once it runs out?

You cannot insert more money into a parking meter to stay longer than the 3 hour time limit permitted on the parking signs. Once you have parked and paid for the maximum permitted time, you must move your vehicle to another parking area.

What about volunteers at the Henley Surf Life Saving Club?

Charles Sturt has established a permit area for volunteer surf life savers, which is positioned on the northern side of South Street between The Esplanade and Seaview Road. This permit area will accommodate 5-6 vehicles and will be available for the volunteer surf life savers to utilise when on patrols.

The Henley Surf Life Saving Club will distribute permits to their volunteers and manage the process.

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