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Our Blue Culture

Rosa - InnovationQuest for Blue

Charles Sturt utilises an Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI) measurement tool which presents the results of a staff survey in three colours; red, green and blue. 'Quest for Blue' is the name of our cultural change program which is aimed at building a constructive environment at the City of Charles Sturt.  This means that we strive for achievement and excellence in everything we do, we encourage and support our employees to develop within the organization through coaching and mentoring and we treat each other with respect and honesty.

The Four Constructive "Blue" Behaviours


Set challenging but realistic goals that are aligned to the achievement of the overall corporate goals that contribute to the organisation being an exemplar organisation. Establish plans to reach these goals and pursue them with enthusiasm. 

Self Actualising

Develop yourself within a highly supportive environment and take on new and interesting activities.

Humanistic Encouraging

Be supportive, constructive and open in our dealings with each other and recognize and reward good performance.


When dealing with each other, we are friendly, cooperative and promote an environment that is open, honest and relaxed.

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