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OPAL Healthy Lifestyle

OPAL Outdoor Summer Challenge

5th Dec 2014 – 30th Jan 2015

OPAL is promoting some great nature play ideas these summer holidays with an Outdoor Summer Challenge.

The Challenge provides fun activities for children and families to try over the holidays as well as offer simple ways to interact with nature and spend more time outside.  Nature play is great fun but it also helps enhance creativity, self-esteem, resilience and builds social skills in children and deepens their connection to the natural world. 

The Outdoor Summer Challenge allows children to pick any ten activities to complete from Nature Play SA’s  ‘51 Things to do before you’re 12’ during the summer holidays.  To enter into the running to win some cool prizes complete an entry form and return it once all ten activities are completed.

How can I be involved?

Fill in the entry form (one per child) and return it to enter the draw for some cool prizes. Grab your entry form and activity list here or from your local City of Charles Sturt library.

Outdoor Summer Challenge Entry Form (1213 kb)

For more ideas for younger children you can also use Nature Play SA’s ’49 Things to do before you’re 5’.

49 things to do before you're 5 (1603 kb)

 Return your forms by either dropping it off at your local City of Charles Sturt libraries or you can submit it online at:

Entries close on Friday 30th January 2015. To be eligible to win a prize, the child must live in the City of Charles Sturt. Prizes will be randomly drawn on Monday the 2nd February 2015.

For more information, tips and fun resources about getting outside in Charles Sturt check out our webpage 'Life Looks Brighter Outside'.  



Supporting Charles Sturt to eat well and be active.

What is OPAL?

OPAL Vitality logoOPAL is a program that encourages everyone in your community to work together to create all kinds of ways to eat well and be active. Your OPAL Council Team at Charles Sturt are here to support and encourage positive changes in your local neighbourhood.

Children and adults who are active and enjoy healthy eating are more likely to live a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle can offer more energy and confidence, better sleep and greater wellbeing. Eating healthy and being active in your community are also great ways to have fun with family and friends.

How is OPAL supporting Charles Sturt?

Your local OPAL Team based in Charles Sturt will work with you as well as a range of community groups – including schools, health services, Charles Sturt Council and private businesses – with a range of projects that support you and your family to:

  • Grow and share your own fruit and vegetables
  • Get ideas and tips about cooking healthy meals
  • Have healthier meal choices when you are not at home
  • Be close to places that sell healthy and affordable groceries
  • Find it easier to walk or cycle around your local neighbourhood
  • Be active in your local parks or get involved with your local sporting clubs
  • Connect with organisations and services that support eating well and being active

Every 12 months a new fun and interactive OPAL theme will also be launched in your community - so keep a look out for opportunities to get involved!

To find out more about OPAL, visit or contact your Charles Sturt OPAL team on 8408 1132, or email OPAL Manager Camilla Leaver

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