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Live Skills Training

Employment Works uses project based actual ‘live’ work experiences for participants.

The projects use LIVE training sites that are outdoor classrooms.  Minimal time is spent in a classroom and maximum time is spent learning ‘hands on’ trade skills. The aim of the projects is to develop essential underpinning skills and resiliencies needed for people to enter into employment.  The ‘live’ skills projects cover many industry pathways e.g. building and construction, painting, paving, horticulture. Projects are currently 6 months in duration.

City of Charles Sturt recognises that employment is one of the key fundamentals to social and economic regeneration. Charles Sturt is the only Council in South Australia supporting this model and having a dedicated role to support and implement projects.

These are some examples of previous Employment Works Live Skills Projects:

Bower Cottage Garden - before and after

Bridge maitenance - before and after

The Brocas warehouse before and after

Vertical gardens built for placemaking community project

For further information contact:

Maureen 0408 594 557 Monday - Thursday.

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