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Development & Infrastructure

Development & Infrastructure

Information Guides

pdf D01. The Development Approval Process(133 kb)

pdf D02. Access to Development Application Documents(125 kb)

pdf D03. Operative Time with a Consent or Development Approval(127 kb)

pdf D04. Public Notification(120 kb)

pdf D05. Non-Complying Development(119 kb)

pdf D06. Dwelling Additions and Alterations(180 kb)

pdf D07. Dwelling Additions & Alterations RHCZ(196 kb)

pdf D08. Dwellings within the Residential Zone (Design Guidelines)(232 kb)

pdf D09. Residential Zone - Site area and frontage width for dwellings(173 kb)

pdf D10. Dwellings within the Residential Character Zone (Design Guidelines)(235 kb)

pdf D11. Residential Character Zone - Site area and frontage width for dwellings(213 kb)

pdf D12. Land Division(143 kb)

pdf D13. Regulated and Significant Trees(143 kb)

pdf D14. Carports, Verandahs, Garages and Sheds(128 kb)

pdf D15. Fences and Retaining Walls(148 kb)

pdf D16. Swimming Pools and Spas(131 kb)

pdf D17. Solar Panels(121 kb)

pdf D18. Other Structures(131 kb)

pdf D19. Demolition(177 kb)

pdf D20. Protecting Our Built Heritage(137 kb)

pdf D21. Coastal Development(110 kb)

pdf D22. Working from Home(133 kb)

pdf D23. Change of Land Use(128 kb)

pdf D24. Signage(316 kb)

pdf D25. Site Contamination, Site History and Audit Report(133 kb)

pdf D26. Waste and Recycling Services(128 kb)

pdf D27. Access (Disabled)(134 kb)

pdf D28. Indemnity Insurance and CITB(124 kb)

pdf D29. Notifications during building work(150 kb)

pdf D30. Energy Efficiency Assessment(113 kb)

pdf D31. Internal Building Work(114 kb)

pdf D32. Location of Smoke Detectors(130 kb)

pdf D33. Stormwater Inundation Mitigation(161 kb)

pdf D34. Stormwater Management Plan(190 kb)

pdf D35. Pontoons(124 kb)

pdf D36. Development Services - Customer Support(275 kb)

pdf D37. Building Notifications and Inspections(151 kb)

pdf D38. Making Compliments Suggestions Complaints(126 kb)

pdf D51. Application Fee(160 kb)

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