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Food Business Star Rating Scores

Participation in the Food Safety Rating Scheme is voluntary and only food businesses awarded a 3 star (good), 4 star (very good) or 5 star (excellent) are eligible. 

The following food businesses have provided consent for their food safety rating scheme score to be publicised on Council’s website.

★★★★ Benny's Gourmet Pizza

★★★★★ Golden Mile Chinese Takeaway

★★★★★ A Taste of Spice Malaysian

★★★★★ Adelaide Designer Cakes

Address: 1/421 Torrens Road, Kilkenny, SA, 5009

★★★★★ AM/PM West Lakes

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021

★★★★★ AMF Bowling

Address: WOODVILLE, SA, 5011

★★★★★ Anh's Snack Bar

★★★★★ Bangkok Delight

★★★★★ BP West Beach


★★★★★ Cafebar on Frederick

Address: 20, Wilson Street, Royal Park, SA, 5014

★★★★★ Captain Chicken & Seafood

★★★★★ Castleworld & Cafe

Address: BEVERLEY, SA, 5009

★★★★★ Doras Yiros & Seafood

★★★★★ Enzo's at Home

★★★★★ European Catering

★★★★★ Findon Chicken & Seafood

Address: 186-200, Findon Road, Findon, SA

★★★★★ Halla's Fish & Grill

Address: 381, Grange Road, Findon, SA

★★★★★ Java Lifestyle Coffee & Tea

Address: KILKENNY, SA, 5009

★★★★★ Kafe 258

Address: 258/111, West Lakes Boulevard, West Lakes, SA, 5021

★★★★★ KFC West Lakes

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021

★★★★★ Kidman Park Pizza House

Address: 376, Grange Road, Kidman Park, SA, 5025

★★★★★ La Lorientaise

Address: 15, Elizabeth Street, Croydon, SA, 5008

★★★★★ La Vita Cafe

★★★★★ Lizbal's Cafe

Address: KILKENNY, SA, 5009

★★★★★ McDonalds West Croydon


★★★★★ McDonalds Woodville

Address: 834, Port Road, Woodville, SA, 5011

★★★★★ Muffin Break West Lakes

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021

★★★★★ OTR Flinders Park

★★★★★ OTR Welland

Address: 518-520, Port Road, Welland, SA, 5007

★★★★★ OTR West Croydon

Address: WEST CROYDON, SA, 5008

★★★★★ OTR Woodville Park - Drive Thru

Address: 693, Port Road, Woodville, SA

★★★★★ Our Little Kitchen

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021

★★★★★ Pancake Cafe Europa

Address: 105, Crittenden Road, Findon, SA

★★★★★ Pizza Hut Welland

Address: Port Road, Welland, SA

★★★★★ Rheinland Arndale

Address: Torrens Road, Kilkenny, SA, 5009

★★★★★ Robs Fuel

★★★★★ Rona Kebab

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021

★★★★★ Ruben's Pizza Gastronomia

★★★★★ Seven22


★★★★★ Swiss Cheese Cakes

Address: 148, Findon Road, Findon, SA

★★★★★ Tapley's Hill Fish Shop

★★★★★ The Cheesecake Shop

Address: Port Road, Welland, SA

★★★★★ The Cheesecake Shop

Address: 385, Grange Road, Findon, SA

★★★★★ The Grain & Bean

★★★★★ The Spare Room Cafe

Address: 575, Grange Road, Grange, SA, 5022

★★★★★ Urban Grill On Grange

★★★★★ Welland Diner

Address: 88, Grange Road, WELLAND, SA

★★★★★ Wok In a Box

Address: 3/40, Cheltenham Parade, St Clair, SA, 5011

★★★★★ Woodville Pizzeria

Address: Woodville Road, Woodville, SA

★★★★★Chicken Plaza

Address: 247-249, Grange Road, Findon, SA, 5023

★★★★★OTR Woodville West

Address: Port Road, Woodville West, SA

★★★★★Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery

Address: Henley Beach

★★★★★Subway Arndale

Address: Torrens Road, Kilkenny, SA, 5009

★★★★★Woodville West Torrens Football Club Bistro

Address: Oval Ave, Woodville South, SA, 5011

Rob's Roasts

Address: Beverley, SA, 5009

★★★★ Barnacle Bills

Address: 918-922, Port Road, Woodville South, SA

★★★★ Bunnings Warehouse Cafe

Address: Cheltenham Parade, Port Road, Woodville, SA, 5011

★★★★ Cafe Mounzer

★★★★ CAM WAH Restaurant

Address: 33, Kilkenny Road, Woodville Park, SA, 5011

★★★★ Dine Inn

Address: 30, Woodville Road, Woodville, SA

★★★★ Joes Rock Cafe

Address: 254, Grange Road, Flinders Park, SA, 5025

★★★★ Kostas Greek Takeout

Address: 186-200, Findon Road, Findon, SA, 5023

★★★★ Naz Cafe

Address: 844-848, Port Road, Woodville South, SA

★★★★ Plaza Cafe

Address: 508-514, Port Road, WELLAND, SA

★★★★ Polish Society

Address: 260-262, Grand Junction Road, Athol Park, SA, 5012

★★★★ Roll On Bower

Address: 90, Bower Road, Semaphore Park, SA, 5019

★★★★ Standom Smallgoods St Clair

Address: Cheltenham Parade, St Clair, SA, 5014

★★★★ The New Local Eatery

Address: 120, Port Road, Hindmarsh, SA, 5007

★★★★ Vietnam Restaurant

Address: Pennington, SA, 5013

★★★★ Yiros Time

Address: 460-470, Torrens Road, Kilkenny, SA

★★★★ Yoghurt Shop

Address: WEST LAKES, SA, 5021
No items available to list.


The Food Safety Rating Scheme score is provided to the food business based on the most recent inspection carried out by the Council to assess compliance with section 21(1) of the South Australian Food Act and as such, presents the situation as assessed by Council's Authorised Officer(s) at the specific time of that inspection. The rating therefore may not be representative of the overall long term food hygiene standards of the premises.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided by the Council. However the Council gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the information and accepts no liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused in reliance on such information.

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