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Charles Sturt Development Plan

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) may be prepared by the Minister or Council. As part of this process draft policies are available for public comment for at least two months and Council must consider all submissions made and report to the Minister on these submissions and its responses. The final draft must be approved by the Planning Minister before it can come into legal effect as part of the authorised Development Plan.

SA’s Planning Reforms

In April 2016, Parliament passed the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) to implement a new planning system which will replace the current system under the Development Act 1993.

This new legislation introduces the biggest changes to the South Australian Planning System in 25 years and will affect how development applications are lodged and assessed.

New land use planning documents will be introduced to replace the Development Plan and South Australian Planning Strategy.

Changes include: 

  • Establishing an independent State Planning Commission.
  • Establishing a new Community Engagement Charter.
  • Delivering new planning tools for professionals and the public.
  • Developing new assessment pathways and a planning professional accreditation system.
  • Delivering an online planning portal as a one-stop-shop for planning information and lodging development applications.

The new PDI Act will be implemented in stages during the next three to five years.

The City of Charles Sturt is continuing to undertake strategic planning and assess development applications under the current planning system, while preparing for the transition to the new legislation.

For more information on the implementation of the new planning system visit the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's SA Planning Portal at

Draft Grange Road, Findon Development Plan Amendment (DPA) (Privately Funded) – For Consultation

 The focus of the DPA was an area of land contained within the Mixed Use Zone in Findon (see Affected Area in the map below).  The draft DPA proposed to include this area within the Neighbourhood Centre Zone to facilitate a potential supermarket and bulky goods retail development.